Staff Contacts

  1. Jennifer McArdle

    Jennifer McArdle

    Director of Counseling & Health ServicesCounseling Center718-862-7975MGL 5FL
  2. Christin Nedumchira

    Christin Nedumchira

    Staff PsychologistCounseling Center718-862-7446MGL 5FL
  3. Robert Rivera

    Robert Rivera

    Asst Director of Couns/Health, AdjunctCounseling Center, Psychology718-862-7395MGL 5FL
  4. Nicol Zambrano

    Nicol Zambrano

    Staff CounselorCounseling Center718-862-7394MGL 5FL
  1. Keith Cunniffe

    Keith Cunniffe

    Alcohol and Substance Abuse CounselorCounseling Center718-862-7140