Student Government

Manhattan College's Student Government plays a vital role in shaping student life on campus.

The Student Government consists of the executive committee, student assembly and student court. Every representative serves his/her respective school or class. Being involved in Student Government gives you a chance to meet a variety of people, gain leadership training and grow as a student, leader and person. It also allows you to become friendly with administrators and faculty. There are both elected and appointed positions, with varying levels of commitment and responsibility to suit your schedule.

  • Executive Committee

    The executive committee consists of the student body president, executive vice president, vice president for social life, vice president for residential affairs, vice president for commuter affairs, vice president for finance, vice president for communication, vice president for club administration, vice president for academic affairs, chair of Lasallian action committee, and chair of campus improvements committee. They are the everyday officers of Student Government, carrying out the will of the assembly. They are also full voting members (with the exception of the president) of the assembly.

    2019-20 Executive Committee

    Position Student
    Student Body President Kaylyn Atkins
    Executive Vice President Ryan Kwiecinski
    Vice President for Social Life GinaMarie Napoli
    Vice President for Residential Affairs Luke Malpica
    Vice President for Commuter Affairs Parveen Rampersaud
    Vice President for Finance Gallagher Gregory
    Vice President for Communication Megan Dreher
    Vice President for Academic Affairs Nadia Itani
    Vice President for Club Administration Anna Rosario
  • The Assembly

    The assembly is the law-making body of Student Government. They draft and pass legislation, set and allocate the student activities fee, approve and oversee clubs and organizations, and may deliberate on all matters pertaining to students.

    Additionally, without being elected to office, anyone can join these three committees: the social life commission, the resident student association and the commuter student association.

    2019-19 Assembly

    Position Students
    Senior Class Vice President Catherine "Cate" Weiden, Donovan Reilly
    Junior Class Vice President Ireland Twiggs
    Sophomore Class Vice President Kevin Rojas, Sydney Collins
    Freshman Class Vice President


    School of Business Vice President

    Jiuxing "Paul" Fucao

    School of Education & Health Vice President

    Shannon Gleba

  • Class Vice Presidents

    Class vice presidents represent the needs of their class and plan social events such as the Spring Fling (spring dinner-dance cruise around Manhattan), the Jasper Jingle (winter dance at a country club) and senior events. They also work with the social life commission in planning events throughout the year. Freshmen and dorm/commuter elections are scheduled to be held in September. Annual elections to be held in the spring.

    2019-20 Class Vice Presidents

    Position students
    Senior Class Vice President Catherine "Cate" Weiden, Donovan Reilly
    Junior Class Vice President Ireland Twiggs
    Sophomore Class Vice President Kevin Rojas, Sydney Collins
    Freshman Class Vice President TBD
  • Student Court

    The justices are appointed by the student body president and preside over cases referred to it by the dean of students, or her designee. These consist of residence hall write-ups, parking tickets, disciplinary incidents and complaints from students. There are six justices and one chief justice.

    2019-20 Student Court

    Position student
    Chief Justice John Balsamo
    Associate Justice Bryan Alfaro
    Associate Justice Kyle Hollenbaugh
    Associate Justice Cameron Turner
    Sergeant-At-Arms Gabryelle Fanning
    Secretary Liola Moody
  • Social Life Commission

    Responsible for planning a large majority of all social events on and off campus, including Springfest, Manhattan Madness, Broadway shows, sporting events, concerts, adventure trips and other social activities.

    Anyone can join this commission by talking to the vice president for social life.

  • Resident Student Association

    The resident student association represents resident students in all matters that come up, most notably food complaints, residence hall problems, parking problems, meal plan disputes and other residents’ issues. They also plan social events such as family day, late-night breakfast and stress-free zones.

    Anyone interested can contact the vice president for residential affairs.

  • Commuter Student Association

    The commuter student association represents commuters in all matters which come up, most notably lounge issues, parking problems, locker issues and other commuter issues. They also plan social events such as commuter barbecues, stress-free zones and many others.

    Anyone interested can contact the vice president for commuter affairs.

  • Neighborhood Relations Committee

    2016-17 Committee Members

    position student
    Chairman Matthew Sweeney

    All members of the Manhattan College community are welcome to join. E-mail with inquiries.

  • Board of Trustees Student Members

    2019-20 Members

    position studnts
    Development Caroline Shea & Alyssa Velazquez
    Enrollment Management Eunice Nazar
    Student Life Ryan Kwiecinski & Sophia Sakellariou 
    Strategic Planning Anna Rosario & Donovan Reilly 
    Facilities John Balsamo & Nina Bjorkman
    Finance Gallagher Gregory & Eva Vredenburgh
    Academic Affairs Nadia Itani & Jaime Avila
  • Senate


    Speaker of the Senate

    Caroline Shea

    First Deputy Speaker 

    Dr. Gerardo Carfagno

    Second Deputy Speaker

    Dr. Tim Ward


    Parveen Rampersaud

All officers can be contacted at