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Employee Spotlights

It is our pleasure to highlight the accomplishments of Manhattan College administrators and faculty. See below for the most recent awardees of our distinguished Lasallian awards, which honor employees who embody our Lasallian mission.

  • Kevin Ahern, Ph.D. | Distinguished Lasallian Educator
    kevin ahern and president milo riverso

    Kevin Ahern is a professor whose students know where to find him at all hours and in all elements of their need. He counsels students who are sad, exhorts students who are searching for a path, and brings all his energy to bear in sharing his love of Catholic social teaching with his students. One nominator remarked, “Among the former issues, I know from long experience that students having troubles in other classes or troubles at home will come to Kevin for emotional support.  His commitment to their overall well being simply shines.”

    In his courses, Kevin consistently inserts the study of Lasallian principles in all aspects of Religious Studies or Peace Studies. He loves his teaching, and he wants to be in the classroom with his students to shine the light of academic excellence in the context of Catholic Social Teaching to them. Through his lessons, he brings them to an enthusiastic pursuit of justice. 

    However, he does not just speak about his passion.  No, Kevin travels around the country as an expert lecturer on Dorothy Day. He created the Dorothy Day Center for the Study of Social Catholicism at Manhattan College, and he is steadfast in his research of the Catholic Worker Movement. Considering Dorothy Day's connection to Peter Maurin and Manhattan College, it is a natural fit for Kevin to merge his passion for her canonization with his Lasallian values. 

    Whether he is training in Lasallian formation programming, participating in Collegium, representing us on the Mission and Advisory Integration Council, writing Lasallian proposals, or participating in service projects, Kevin is at heart a real Lasallian educator.
    Congratulations, Kevin. Your peers have named you as the Distinguished Lasallian Educator. May you continue to exhibit the faith and zeal as recommended by John Baptist De LaSalle so that we can all benefit from your goodness, generosity, enthusiasm and commitment to all things Lasallian.

  • Barbara Herlihy | Distinguished Lasallian Administrator
    barbara herlihy with milo riverso

    Barbara came to Manhattan College in 2011 and received her bachelor’s degree in 2020 to become an alumna of Manhattan College. Barbara fit into the culture and Lasallian charism of Manhattan College immediately upon arrival.  She is a familiar face at athletic events, cultural events on campus, and faith events.  She is a big supporter of our young Jaspers outside the classroom.  If you think of her, the words faith, service and community quickly come to mind.

    Barbara is meticulous in ensuring the highest quality performance in all her endeavors. She is filled with generosity and treats everyone with respect and care, especially with a focus on social justice. The students, faculty, and employees are recognized with each interaction she shares across campus. She is steadfast in her ability to maintain a calm and caring persona no matter what the event, issue, and/or problem that occurs. Barbara is dedicated to the Lasallian principle of inclusion and is not afraid to remind others when the institution or an individual is not living up to the highest standards.

    Her zeal for the mission and energy in doing her job well are contagious! She truly believes that zeal in her vocation brings about an environment that fosters academic and institutional excellence.  Barbara is truly dedicated to the goodness of God, especially in her belief and trust in God’s presence. Her strong sense of faith in the presence of God is regularly displayed in faith activities both on campus and in her own faith tradition.
    In short, Barbara, your colleagues have seen a tremendous witness within you of the faith, service and community that makes our college a Lasallian institution.

    Congratulations and may your example continue to inspire your colleagues and all that you meet on campus.  Thank you for being a distinguished example for the rest of us to follow.

  • Deborah Pitula | Distinguished Lasallian Staff Member
    deb pitula and milo riverso

    Deb Pitula has spent a lifetime of commitment to Catholic education and the latest part of her career advancing the Lasallian Catholic mission in the School and now the Department of Education. Her commitment includes a dedication to helping our graduate education students achieve success through academic quality and excellence. Her former professional background as a successful school principal is so evident in her work with us and with our students. Not only does she talk the talk about the results of academic excellence, she has also walked the walk in the professional world of education.  She communicates a depth of knowledge and commitment to the students that sets her above the standards. This knowledge and commitment to excellence is a shining example to the rest of the community.

    She is a colleague who cares about everyone in the MC community and about the quality of her interactions with our students. She exhibits a generous spirit of service in everything she does and to everyone with whom she interacts. This sense of inclusion for all people has been influential in the lives of many of our graduate students.  Such spirit is also evident in her appreciation of the Lasallian traditions and their liveliness in the Education Department. 

    She would, if needed, clearly defend the rights of others, for example, if a student is struggling, they often start their search for help with Deb. They know that she will listen, reflect, and help. This respect for all people, no matter their current situation, makes her a regular stop for students in need.

    Deb is a familiar face at liturgies around campus and is often called upon to be a lector at Masses or the Lessons and Carols. She is quietly faithful, but anyone who knows her understands the depth of her commitment to her faith, to our Lasallian charism, and to our students.

    Congratulations, Deborah Pitula, your colleagues have named you the Distinguished Lasallian Educator for this year. Thank you for your constant witness of our shared community values, for your challenges when we don’t live up to the values, and for your solidarity when we need help.