Center for Academic Success

Tutoring and Writing Center services offered through the Center for Academic Success will be available starting Wednesday, January 22, 2020. Students can start booking appointments starting on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. 

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) is committed to providing student-centered programs and initiatives designed to enhance learning and promote success and persistence for all Manhattan College students. Students will work collaboratively with qualified peers and professionals to develop knowledge, skills and strategies needed for success in the classroom and beyond.

About Us

The Center for Academic Success includes the Learning Commons, the Writing Center, and the Leo Center. All offices offer students a quiet place to study with their peer tutor, or engage in small group study sessions. We also offer workshops and have an open door policy with extended hours to accommodate all students.


Services offered include:

Appointment/Walk-In Policies 

  • All tutorial sessions are individual one-on-one tutorials. 
  • Students who show up for a scheduled appointment 15 minutes late for more or a one-hour session, and 10 or more minutes late for a thirty-minute session will be marked as a no-show and lose their appointment if someone else is waiting.
  • Students are ONLY allowed to meet with one individual tutor once per week (regardless of the course) for up to one hour per week. Beyond the one hour per week with the tutor, students can see that tutor again as a walk-in in that same week. Multiple appointments in the same week for the same course are allowed with different tutors. Appointments that break this policy will be canceled but not counted against a students total canceled appointments. 
  • Students are allowed a maximum number of three (3) appointments per center per week. 
  • Students should come prepared with necessary materials such as notes, computer, textbooks, etc. for their tutoring session. 
  • NO tutoring sessions are allowed to be held outside of regular hours and designated spaces of the CAS. 

Cancellation/No Show Policy (Per Semester)

  • Students with three (3) cancellations, regardless of time of notification, will receive a warning email. Students with (4) cancellations or more, regardless of time of cancellation, will have appointment privileges revoked. 
  • Students with one (1) no-show, will receive a warning email. Students with two (2) no-shows will have account privileges revoked. 
  • In both instances students should contact a CAS administrator at or in Thomas 3.10 to have their privileges reinstated. 


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Testimonials: Students share their thoughts about the CAS

  • Tutoring

    "All the tutors at the Center are so helpful!"

    "As an English major I was super nervous and intimidated and the Writing Center tutor made me feel comfortable and helped me work out some issues I was having writing a paper. I can't thank her enough." 

    "My tutor is AMAZING. I only go when he is available and I set my appointments weeks in advance! Orgo genie right there!"

    "The tutor was so incredibly nice and willing to help. It was calming to know that there is always someone who can offer a little extra help." 

  • Supplemental Instruction

    "I think my SI was a great teacher, and was really dedicated to helping us out, he did an awesome job."

    "My SI was very helpful and 100% contributed to improving my grade." 

    "The SI was great! He should think of becoming a professor/teacher himself." 

    "Our SI knew what she was talking about and was always well prepared and approachable."

    "My SI is amazing. She explains concepts in ways that are easy to understand and is very patient if you're still confused. She definitely helped me improve my grade. She is also very sweet and funny. I am very grateful for her! <3" 

     "Made what we learned in class simple, better than the actual professor!"

    "My SI was amazing at explaining the problems in a way I could understand! He was helpful and sweet, and made me feel like my questions were good/important"

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