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The Registrar's office is dedicated to helping students achieve academic success. We actively participate in the development and educational learning experience of our students by providing a wide range of services related to registration and student records. The following resources and services are available through the Registrar's office:

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Faculty  Reporting Students on Roster for Fall 2022

About: This article will guide you through accessing your attendance dashboard in Banner and marking your student's last attended class in the attendance tracker.  Faculty are required to report any students who have never attended class.  This is very important because the Registrar’s Office needs to administratively withdraw these students to ensure an accurate census and so that faculty will not need to award them final grades at the end of the term.

Accessing Your Attendance Dashboard

  1. Access your faculty Attendance Tracking Dashboard

Marking Last Attend for All Current Classes 

  1. To begin marking” last attended” click on the “Take Roll” button for the course you will be reviewing
  2. Here you will see the list of all of the students currently enrolled in your course. The only column you will need to mark their attendance in is the last dated column on the right side of the screen.   

Click on “Course List”  to review and submit another Course Roster

  1. To mark students attending, click on the circle next to their names.
  2. If the student is currently attending the circle should be green. 
  3. If a student has attended, but not on the date in the right-most column, please find the column that indicates the most recent date they were in attendance and check the box on that date. 
  4. This will allow you to check the circle by the student’s name to mark it as green for the date of last attendance.  
  5. IMPORTANT: If a student Never Attended, please leave the column for that student blank
  6. Banner will automatically save your responses so there is no “submit” or “save” button to click

You can also view detailed instructions on our shared drive


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