Institutional Research and Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment collects data and turns it into information designed to support decision-making by constituencies throughout the College. Generally, our work supports institutional improvement and accountability.

We provide the following services to support the Mission of Manhattan College.

Institutional Improvement

We create data through surveys requested by many constituencies. You have probably been asked to fill out LOTS of surveys in your time here. The data we collect helps College leaders make informed decisions.

For example, the College’s academic advising system was updated based in part on information provided on a survey called the Student Satisfaction Inventory.

We also coordinate reporting outcomes through projects such as the Annual Report, Program Self-Studies and External Reviews, and Focus on Faculty. We keep track of the total number of students and their majors.

The purpose of all this work is to understand how Manhattan College works in order to find ways to improve your experience and come closer to fulfilling our Lasallian mission.

Accountability OIRA provides information required by the Federal and New York State governments to maintain compliance with education laws and regulations.

Our Work

  • Student Success

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    Supporting a culture of assessment and continuous improvement in student success.

  • Planning, Budgeting and Annual Reporting

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    Collaborating to collect data and develop reporting resources to inform and facilitate College strategic planning and institutional effectiveness.

  • Institutional Research

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    Facilitating access to and purposeful dialogue about data and turning data into informed insights and data-driven decisions.
  • Institutional Assessment

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    Conducting assessment to promote continuous improvement through evidence-based decision-making.

  • Accreditation

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    Coordinating institutional effectiveness related to the College’s accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and specialized accreditations held by colleges and individual academic programs.