Educational Affairs Committee

The EAC shall make recommendations on the following matters, subject to the approval of the Provost, and shall inform the Senate of its recommendations which are then forwarded to the President:

  1. Standards for academic standing and graduation
  2. Policies on off-campus courses including Study Abroad courses
  3. Guidelines for intersession and summer session courses including Study Abroad courses
  4. The college-wide grading system
  5.  Attendance policies
  6. Academic integrity
  7.  Requirements for college-wide honor societies and Deans’ Lists
  8. The processes of course and teacher evaluations
  9. The establishment, consolidation, and elimination of schools and departments

The EAC:

  1. May initiate actions on college-wide or inter-school academic matters.
  2. Will receive reports from the curriculum committees of the schools, the Academic Programs Review Committee, the College Curriculum Committee, the College Library Committee, the College Technology Committee, and the Graduate Council.
  3. May refer matters of concern to school and departmental committees, the College Curriculum Committee, and/or other committees and commissions, and the Council for Faculty Affairs.

2016-17 Meeting Dates

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month, except in January, at 3:30 p.m. in the Chancellor's Room.

  • Sept 6
  • Oct 4
  • Nov 1
  • Dec 6
  • Feb 7
  • Mar 7
  • Apr 4
  • May 2

2016-17 Roster

Membership Name Manhattan Email Address
Student George Schlinck
Student Nicole Fella
Student Dan Sammon
Poonam Arora 
Education & Health
Lisa Toscano
Parisa Saboori 
Liberal Arts         
Rocco Marinaccio
Janet Mcshane
Senate Antonio Cordoba 
Senate Amy Handfield
Admin Cheryl Harrison
Admin Tim Ward 
Admin Constantine Theodosiou 
Admin Walter Matystik 
Admin William Clyde
ex officio: CCC Tedd Keating
ex officio: CTC Jake Holmquist
ex officio: CLC William Walters
ex officio: Reg Susan Astarita
ex officio: IR&A David Mahan