School of Engineering

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  • School of Engineering

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    In the School of Engineering, students begin with the basics and progress through a varied and advanced engineering curriculum by solving real problems in the labs using professional equipment and technology. 

  • Chemical Engineering Department

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    The Chemical Engineering Department’s faculty are supportive and always willing to help you explore research opportunities and career paths. You are encouraged to pursue co-curricular activities, by conducting research with our faculty, participating in competitions in the New York City area or helping design sustainable solutions in developing nations.
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering Department

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    Encompassing two of the School's oldest and reputable programs, the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department has grown and adapted throughout the years to meet the needs of our changing world. Today, it is one of the largest departments on campus and offers a wide breadth of engineering courses that tackle important issues from the safety of our city’s infrastructure to ensuring that everyone has access to clean water.
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

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    The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department gives you a practical education by emphasizing time in the labs with faculty and hands-on learning that culminates in a senior design capstone course. You are encouraged to pursue topics that interest you by choosing from a variety of elective courses within the department, or tailoring a research project to suit your interests and goals.
  • Mechanical Engineering Department

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    The Mechanical Engineering Department gives you the tools to work in a variety of important fields, ranging from automotive, aerospace or biomedical engineering to construction, green building design or solar power.