School of Business

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  • School of Business

    The School of Business provides an intimate classroom environment with all the opportunities of New York City — a global hub for finance, fashion, marketing and technology.
  • Accounting, CIS & Law Department

    Manhattan College
    The Accounting, CIS and Law Department emphasizes practical career preparation through internships and hands-on learning. The department offers three distinct majors and minors, a dual degree, 5-year MBA programs, and a stand alone MBA program, as well as courses in business law required for all School of Business students.
  • Economics & Finance Department

    Manhattan College

    The Economics and Finance Department gives students the chance to work on research with professors in preparation for graduate school, or land a hands-on internship in one of the world's greatest financial centers: New York City. The department offers two distinct majors and minors, plus a dual degree in economics and finance.

  • Management & Marketing Department

    Manhattan College
    As a student in this department, you are encouraged and supported by faculty to follow your passions by taking on an internship, pursuing a research project, or even launching your own business. The Management and Marketing Department offers two distinct majors and one co-major, as well as minors that are open to School of Business students.