Staff Contacts

Residence Life Administration

The Residence Life staff is responsible for health and safety, extracurricular programs, and housekeeping services in all five residence halls. Our main office is located in Thomas Hall 502, and we’re open days and evenings to fit in with your schedule. Drop in and say hi!

  1. William Atkinson

    William Atkinson

    Area Coordinator/Residence LifeResidence Life718-862-7438THO 501
  2. Toni Baisden

    Toni Baisden

    Assistant Director/Student Conduct/Residence LifeResidence LifeLEE 0624
  3. Stephanie Brooks

    Stephanie Brooks

    Resident Director/Residence LifeResidence Life718-862-7849HORAN 0205
  4. Pierre Campbell

    Pierre Campbell

    Assistant Director/Housing Operations/Residence LifeResidence Life718-862-7196THO 5FL
  5. Charles Clency

    Charles Clency

    Director/Residence LifeResidence Life718-862-7944THO 5FL
  6. Elizabeth Gibbons

    Elizabeth Gibbons

    Residence Director/Residence LifeResidence Life718-862-7343HORAN 0831
  7. Katherine Marinaro

    Katherine Marinaro

    Residence Director/Residence LifeResidence Life718-862-7438THO 501
  8. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez

    Residence Director/Residence LifeResidence Life718-862-7240JAS 100
  9. Sharon Phelan

    Sharon Phelan

    Assistant Director of Operations/Residence LifeResidence Life718-862-7438THO 514
  10. Micah Thomas

    Micah Thomas

    Area Coordinator/Residence LifeResidence Life718-862-6390THO 1FL

Residence Hall Staff

Residence Life has full- and part-time professional staff in every residence hall. Resident directors and area coordinators, along with paraprofessional student staff known as resident assistants (RAs), work with students during day and evening office hours. Members of the Residence Life staff are on call for emergencies at all times (students can contact an RA or call Public Safety if urgent help is needed).

  • Resident director (RD): the person responsible for residence life programming in each hall. The RD supervises the resident assistants and is familiar with students’ needs and concerns in a community living environment. All RDs maintain evening office hours.
  • Area coordinator (AC): manages the administrative and judicial affairs for each residence hall. Maintaining daytime office hours with frequent evening involvement, these student life professionals collaborate with other offices such as Physical Plant or Student Financial Services to assist students.
  • Resident Assistants (RAs): students living on the floor with their peers. RAs are particularly attuned to student needs. They serve two main areas: first, they promote an atmosphere conducive to academic achievement, exciting social growth, and development of personal and group responsibilities; second, they assist individual residents personally or through appropriate referrals with academic, personal and social issues that college students typically face.

For individual housing concerns, please contact the building-specific staff listed below:

Chrysostom and Jasper Halls

Micah Thomas - Area Coordinator

Lee Hall

Katherine Marinaro - Residence Director

Tara O'Shea - Residence Director

Horan Hall

Stephanie Brooks - Residence Director

Angel Martinez - Residence Director

Overlook Manor

Elizabeth Gibbons - Residence Director