Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions about what to expect when you move to campus. Browse our FAQs before contacting the Office of Residence Life for more information.


  • When will I know my room assignment?
    You are able to choose your own room assignment on our myMC portal. The web portal opens in March for continuing students and June for new/incoming students. Students who do not select their own room assignment will be assigned by Residence Life.
  • How do I pick a roommate?

    Our myMC portal allows you to search for roommates using personal profiles with information like major, hobbies, age and answers to lifestyle questions like, "How late do you typically stay up?" You can also search for and request specific roommates on the myHousing portal. Students who do not select their own roommates will be assigned by Residence Life. 

    Learn more or sign up for housing

  • What is provided in the residence hall rooms?
    • An extra-long twin bed, desk, chair, and wardrobe or closet space for each resident
    • A large 6-drawer dresser for roommates to share
    • DirecTV cable (residents provide their own coaxial cable for the television)
    • Wireless internet access
    • One RJ-45 ethernet jack per resident
  • What should I bring to campus?

    We suggest you bring:

    • Sheets (extra-long twin)
    • Bed pillows
    • Bedspread/comforter/blanket
    • Toiletries
    • Towels
    • Alarm clock
    • Bathmats/shower curtains
    • Desk lamp/floor lamp with energy-saving bulbs
    • Flashlights that run on AA or AAA batteries
    • Surge protector
    • Ethernet cords (Ethernet card and patch cable required for desktop computer)
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Vacuum, broom, waste basket
    • First aid supplies
    • High-efficiency laundry detergent
    • Clothes hangers
    • Iron/ironing board

    We suggest you bring to share with your roommate:

    • Television (with coaxial cable)
    • DVD player
    • Area rug
    • *Refrigerator (≤ 6.1 cubic feet)
    • *Microwave (≤ 700 watts, 1.7-2.4 cubic feet)

    *These items are available to rent

  • What should I NOT bring to campus?

    Items that are not allowed in any of the residence halls include:

    • Non UL-rated electric devices or appliances
    • Two-prong extension cords
    • Space heaters
    • Electric blankets
    • Candles, incense, oil lamps, hookahs
    • Barbecue grills
    • Plug-in air fresheners
    • Hot plates, George Foreman grills, toaster ovens
    • Decorative/holiday lights
    • Weapons
    • Amplifiers
    • Air guns, paintball guns
    • Halogen lamps, “spider” lamps
    • Nails/screws for wall hangings
    • Wireless internet routers
    • Pets (except fish in ≤ 20-gallon tanks)
  • Can I have a refrigerator and/or a microwave?

    Manhattan College students can rent MicroFridge brand refrigerator/microwaves on campus. All units are NEW and include patented dual plugs, USB ports on the microwave and First Defense Smoke Sensor Technology, which shuts off the microwave at the first sign of smoke.

    Orders can be placed by phone at (800) 525-7307 or online. Your MicroFridge rental will be delivered to your room before you arrive and picked up before you leave!

    Microfridge Rental Information

  • Will I be sharing a bathroom with other students?

    Chrysostom and Jasper Halls have communal bathrooms with private showers, shared by residents on the floor. These bathrooms are cleaned and maintained by housekeeping staff daily.

    Lee Hall and Horan Hall have suite-style bathrooms, shared by residents in two double rooms. Cleaning responsibilities fall on the residents of each suite.



  • Where can I do my laundry?
    All residence halls have washers and dryers for residents to use. There is no additional cost to use the washers and dryers.
  • Are there common areas in the residence halls?
    All residence halls have lounges, recreation rooms, study rooms and kitchenettes.
  • How do I get my mail?
    Each resident is given a mailbox when they check into their residence hall. The mailboxes for Jasper, and Chrysostom are located on the first floor of Thomas Hall. The mailboxes for Lee Hall and Horan Hall are located on the first floor of Horan Hall. Any package that is too large for the mailbox can be picked up in the mail room on the first floor of Horan. The mail room will place a notice in your mailbox that you have a package, so it is important to check your mailbox daily.
  • Are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus?

    Yes, freshmen may bring their cars, and will need to purchase a parking permit through the Public Safety Office. However, cars are not recommended for first-year students.

  • Are there ATMs on campus?
    There are Citibank ATMs on campus in Thomas Hall and the Research and Learning Center. Lee Hall, Horan Hall, and the Kelly Commons also have generic ATMs with no specific bank relationship.
  • Can I store my belongings over the summer?

    Looking for an easy way to store your stuff over the summer? Meet our official storage partner, Dorm Room Movers. They will send you boxes and tape to pack. Their professional and insured movers will pick up your items, store them for the summer and deliver back when you return. They can also help you ship boxes to and from campus. Dorm Room Movers has moved over 40,000 students over the past 10 years and are BBB A+ accredited.

    Full service summer storage includes:
    • Boxes and tape to pack, sent to you.
    • Pick-up and delivery by professional movers
    • $100 insurance per box or unboxed item
    • Climate-protected storage & 24/7 security
  • Can I insure my belongings?

    Yes, Manhattan College partners with a local company that provides insurance for resident students. Check out National Student Services for more details and special rates.


    Want to learn more about Student Personal Property Insurance? Student Personal Property Insurance