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Students can manage all of their housing needs, including applications, roommates, room selection, and cancellations, by logging in to the myHousing portal with their Jaspernet credentials.

Application Process & Deadlines

The housing application process and deadlines differ for new students (freshmen and transfers) and returning students:

  • New Incoming Students

    We are excited to welcome incoming freshmen and transfer students and we look forward to meeting you at Orientation.

    All of the information you will need to select your roommate(s) and housing assignment can be found here. In addition to updating this page, we will email you when it is time to complete various steps.

    Students who have signed up for one of our Common Interest Communities do not need to worry about steps 2 and 3 below. We will pair you with other incoming students with the same interest and assign you to designated spaces that we have already reserved in these communities. 

    Step 1: Housing Application & Personal Profile

    All students must sign our housing contract and submit an application. After completing your housing application, you will be able to create a personal profile that other incoming students can see when searching for a roommate. The Housing application for new students will be available starting Monday, May 7.

    See a tutorial about how to submit the online housing application. 

    Step 2: Roommate Selection

    You will have a couple of weeks to browse other students' profiles and contact them (if you wish) as you search for a roommate. Roommate Selection will be available June 14 - 22.

    See a tutorial about how to submit your roommate selection. 

    Step 3: Housing Selection

    You will be able to go online to select your housing assignment. Housing Selection will be available June 25 - 27.

    See a tutorial about how to select your housing. 


    For help with general questions about housing and life on the Manhattan College campus, please contact us at or at 718-862-7438. Please also view our housing calendar for important housing dates. 

    Thank you and welcome, once again, to your “home away from home” for the next four years!

  • Returning Students

    Housing selection at Manhattan College is done via an online housing lottery. To qualify for the online housing lottery, you must complete the following three steps:

    • Pay your deposit

    • Register for classes

    • Submit a housing application

    Room Reservation Deposits

    You must pay a $400 room reservation deposit to participate in the lottery. This is a deposit towards your room and board for next year. To qualify to participate in the online housing lottery you must pay your room reservation deposit by the deadline. More details about payment deadline, and on how and where to make the payment will be posted in the spring

    If you pay the deposit and your plans to live on campus change, the $400 payment is nonrefundable but can be re-purposed toward tuition and fee charges if you let us know by emailing the Residence Life account by the last day of classes. After that date, any change in your plans for any reason will result in the forfeiture of the $400 payment.

    Online Housing Application

    You will need to fill out a housing application online through myHousing before you can participate in the housing selection process. The housing application is separate from the online lottery. 

    myHousing: Submit Housing Application


    In order to reserve a space, you must be able to fill that space with other students who have all qualified by paying their $400 room reservation deposits, registering for classes, and filling out their online housing applications.

    Can't find a roommate? Not a problem. We can help. We host a roommate mixer and housing information sessions in the spring where you can meet other students who are looking for a roommate. Additionally, If you live on-campus currently, talk to your RA about finding a roommate as they can give you good advice and ideas.

    You will receive an email from Residence Life once you are qualified to select roommates and housing. Once you receive this email you will be able to return to myHousing to electronically match with your roommates. Only students who have fulfilled the three qualifying requirements will be searchable.

    Lastly, all roommate matches must be mutual. In addition to searching for your desired roommate and sending them a request, you must log on to myHousing to accept a similar request from them.

    myHousing: Submit Roommate Request


    Do you like the room, suite, or apartment that you have now? Then keep it by "homesteading" it. Homesteading means keeping the same space you currently have. Here are the requirements:

    1. You need to be able to fill the entire space
    2. At least half of the current occupants must return to that space
    3. Each student must have paid their $400 room reservation deposit
    4. Each student must have registered for classes
    5. Each student must have completed the online housing application

    So, if you currently live in a double room in Jasper then you already meet the 50% requirement (yay!). You need to identify a roommate for next year in order to reserve your same room again. Likewise, if you currently live in a four-person suite in Horan or Lee, then at least two of you (50%) need to stay, and you need to identify two new roommates in order to reserve your same room again. In the case of a 5-person suite in Horan or Lee, or a 5-person apartment in Overlook, at least three of you would have to be returning in order to meet the 50% requirement and reserve your same space.

    "On the spot" signup's for homesteading will take place in the spring. 

    Paid Single Rooms

    Manhattan College offers a limited amount of paid single rooms in Horan Hall. Paid single rooms will have an additional cost of $5,100 next year. It comes to $2,550 per term. When filling out your online housing application there will be a place to indicate your interest in a paid single room. We will then send you a separate single room application. Paid single rooms are not guaranteed. They are based on availability.

    12-Month Housing

    We offer 12-month housing in Overlook Manor. It is a great option for upperclassmen with nearby summer jobs, internships, student teaching positions, etc. It allows you to live in your Overlook apartment for 12 months starting in June. There is a one-time additional fee of $3,400 for 12-month housing. This option is for upperclassmen only as Overlook is reserved for juniors and seniors.

    12-month housing signup will be available in the spring. You must first participate in the online lottery and secure a space in Overlook Manor. AJ Goodman (Assistant Director of Residence Life) will be available to go over 12-month housing and summer housing options to help you decide what is best for you.

    A modified 12-month housing option will also be available for residents who are unable to secure housing in Overlook.

    Housing Lottery

    The online housing lottery is in late April. You will receive correspondence from Residence Life beforehand to inform you when you are qualified to participate. Remember, to qualify you need to pay your room reservation deposit, register for courses, and fill out your online housing application.

    Also remember that you must be able to fill the entire space you want to reserve. All students filling the space must be qualified to participate in the lottery. Do yourself and your friends a favor and make sure everybody has paid their deposit, registered for courses, and filled out their online housing application.

    The online lottery will be based on times rather than lottery numbers. Students who are qualified to participate will receive their lottery time a few days prior to when the lottery opens. Lottery times are based on cumulative credits earned. The most important thing to remember is to pay your room reservation deposit, register for courses, and fill out your online housing application so that you can get a lottery time!

    Room/Apartment Types

    We offer the following types of spaces. Note that "suite" means that the space offers a private bathroom that is shared among roommates instead of the entire floor.

    Jasper Hall

    • 2-person rooms
    • 4-person suites

    Horan Hall

    • 2-person suites
    • 3-person suites
    • 4-person suites
    • 5-person suites

    Lee Hall

    • 2-person suites
    • 3-person suites
    • 4-person suites
    • 5-person suites
    • 6-person suites


    • 3-person apartments
    • 4-person apartments
    • 5-person apartments
    • 6-person apartments

    Important Dates

    Date Event
    Wednesday, March 28 Housing Information Session at 12pm (Jasper Lounge)
    Friday, March 30 Deadline to pay $400 nonrefundable room reservation deposit and submit online housing application
    Wednesday, April 4 Roommate Mixer
    Tuesday, April 10 Housing Information Session at 4pm (Jasper Lounge)
    Friday, April 13

    Deadline to register for Fall 2018 classes

    Tuesday, April 17 Homesteading sign-ups
    Friday, April 20 Deadline to match with roommate(s)/suitemate(s) online and housing lottery times will be announced
    Monday, April 23 to
    Wednesday, April 25
    Online housing lottery for FULL rooms/suites/apartments
    Friday, April 27 12-month housing option sign-ups
    Monday, April 30 to
    Tuesday, May 1
    Second housing lottery for individual spaces in rooms/suites/apartments

    Friday, May 4

    Deadline to withdraw housing reservation and have $400 deposit repurposed to future charges


    Email us at, follow us on Twitter @ResLife_MC, or stop in our office any time. 

    Don’t Stress! This may seem like a lot of information. DON'T worry. It's not that bad. We're here to help. 

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