RA Application

Resident Assistants (RAs) are undergraduate students who live and work in Manhattan College’s residence halls. RAs are assigned to a particular wing or floor in each residence hall and are responsible for fostering community among fellow resident students by developing social and educational opportunities, assisting students in personal and administrative matters, and ensuring that the standards set forth in the Student Code of Conduct are consistently being met.

The RA position provides students with many opportunities to develop leadership skills, plan programs and events, exercise peer advising and mediating, as well as important administrative skills that will help in any career down the road.

Serving as an RA is a one-year commitment that may be renewed at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life. Full-time rising juniors and seniors — especially student leaders with involvement in artistic, athletic or ROTC programs — are encouraged to apply.  Current commuters are encouraged to apply as well.

A full job description is available here.

  • Application Process

    Step 1: Qualifications

    Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements:

    • Full-time, undergraduate student
    • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
    • On track for 60 credits by August 2019, and two years of college enrollment (time at previous institutions will be considered for transfer students) 
    • No active disciplinary sanctions (ex. students currently on Residence Hall Probation can not apply)
    • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills

    Step 2: Application, Résumé, and Essays

    Step 3: Recommendations

    You must also get a recommendation from a faculty or College staff member, or from someone outside the College who you know on a professional basis.  Candidates should refer recommenders to this site (manhattan.edu/RA) for recommendation forms.

  • Important Dates
    Dates Events
    Tuesday, Jan. 29 Commuter Info Session - 3:30 pm, Commons 3A
    Wednesday, Feb. 6 General Info Session - 9:30 pm, Hayden 100
    Wednesday, Feb. 13 Applications Due at 4:00 pm
    Mon. - Wed., Feb. 18-20 Group Interviews
    Mon. - Wed., Mar. 4-13 Individual Interviews for new applicants
    Friday, Mar. 1 Deadline to have recommendations submitted

    Notifications will be sent on Wednesday, March 27.  Contracts and roommate forms for those hired are due on Thursday, April 4. Candidates should start speaking with their peers early in the process in the hope of finding suitable roommates.