Leadership Development Program

students on stepsThe Manhattan College Leadership Development Program is a certificate program that is focused on the development of student leaders.  LDP is a collaborative effort, led by the Office of the Dean of Students, which utilizes the talents and knowledge of many administrators and faculty across campus to prepare students to take on vital leadership roles in clubs and organizations, and other positions including Resident Assistant and Orientation Leader.  LDP will serve as a place for students to develop connections with each other, as well as with administrators who work with student leaders on campus.  

LDP uses a self-scheduled format that will allow students to work through the program at their own pace.  Students who attend four sessions will receive a Student Leadership Certificate.  Students who attend at least six sessions and submit an essay reflecting on their experiences will receive an Advanced Student Leadership Certificate.  The certificates will be distributed at a ceremony at the end of the academic year.  A list of students who have completed the certificate will be made available to faculty and administrators.

The Leadership Development Program was developed with the idea that leadership is something that can be learned and developed, is not position based, and applicable in any situation. 

Through participation in the Leadership Development Program, students will:

  • develop an understanding of various concepts of leadership, including theories, styles, and leadership in the context of the College’s Lasallian Catholic heritage.
  • reflect on their experiences and understanding to develop their personal leadership style.
  • identify themselves as part of a core group of leaders on campus.
  • have increased interactions with administrators from various Student Life departments and become aware of opportunities available to them.

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