Uber & Lyft Safety

This public campaign from Uber describes steps that students (and all Uber users) can take to avoid getting into the wrong car and putting themselves at risk of individuals posing as ride share drivers. 

The campaign aims to remind riders to double check two important details - the driver and the vehicle - before starting a trip. When a rider requests a trip through the Uber app, the app will show the driver’s photo, name, the car make/model, and its license plate number. Riders can only request an Uber trip through the app.

Safety Features from Uber

If someone gets into the wrong car, they also lose the benefit of all the other safety features that are part of the technology, including:

  • 24/7 door-to-door service. The car comes directly to passengers within minutes, wherever they are in the city. So there’s no need for people to walk around late at night to find a parked car or another form of transportation.

  • GPS-tracked rides from start to finish. Passengers can see their route, and the location of their car, in the app throughout the journey. Drivers and passengers know that there is a record of the journey which creates accountability

  • Cross-street feature which enables riders to enter in their cross streets as a pick-up or drop-off destination if they want an extra layer of privacy.

  • The ability to share details of each trip in real time with family and friends, including their route and estimated arrival time, without having to download the Uber app themselves

  • Two-way feedback system that allows for the driver and rider to rate each other and provide feedback. Uber reviews this information and investigates any issues

  • 24/7 Customer support that is ready to respond to any issues or inquiries

Lyft Safety Tips

The Lyft app will always display your driver’s personal info (name and photo), and car info (license plate, make, model, and color).

  • Before hopping in, make sure the license plate and car make and model match the info displayed in your app.

  • Verify your driver’s name with the name of the driver in the app. Or, you can also ask them to verify your name or destination.

  • At night, the Lyft Amp, a colorful device that sits on many driver dashboards, can help you find your driver. Check the color in your app to make sure it matches your driver’s Amp.

  • If you’re having trouble finding your driver, feel free to text or call them through the Lyft app.

For all questions related to Uber & Lyft safety, contact Manhattan College Public Safety at publicsafety@manhattan.edu, or via phone at (718) 862-7240.