Hate Crimes

Hate crimes reported to have occurred on campus will be posted here.

Currently there are NO incidents to report.

Manhattan College is committed to promoting an inclusive campus community. For most students, college is the first time they may have extensive contact with individuals who differ from them in many aspects. This is especially true in residence halls, where students now live with a new, large extended family. Malicious behavior, writing on someone’s door, leaving hate related phone messages, text messages, social media postings, or committing other crimes in conjunction with a bias related slur are classic examples of the nature and common circumstances related to hate crimes committed on college campuses.

What is a Hate Crime

Under New York’s Hate Crime Law (Penal Law Article 485) a person commits a hate crime when a designated offense is committed against a victim who is targeted because of a perception or belief about their race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation, or when such an act is committed as a result of that perception or belief. These crimes can target an individual, a group of individuals, or public or private property.

What is a Bias-Related Incident?

One can still be victimized by bias and hate if there is no underlying crime. A bias incident is when someone verbally harasses or discriminates against you based on your identity, but the incident does not involve a physical attack, a threat of attack, or property damage. Bias incidents are taken seriously as examples of discrimination, but they are not necessarily crimes. Some bias incidents may be protected by free speech provisions of the Constitution. Others may give rise to civil penalties in New York City under the NYC Human Rights law, which is administered by the NYC Commission on Human Rights.

If You Are a Victim of a Hate Crime

Hate crimes are serious and are investigated by the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force. If you are the victim of a hate crime, seek help and report it. No matter where the incident occurred, support and referral resources are available.

A victim of a hate crime occurring on campus should report the incident to a Public Safety officer in person or by calling 718-862-7333; if the incident occurred off campus call 911. MC will investigate any hate crime occurring on campus and will assist any student making notifications to the proper authorities if requested. A hate crime or bias incident occurring on campus is a serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct.