Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I park?
    See our parking permits and fees for a detailed list of student and employee lots.
  • How do I apply for a yearly parking permit?
    • Parking permits must be applied for online.
    • After completing the online parking-permit application, print out the temporary permit found at the end of your application or email. Permits must be picked up before the temporary permit expires. You will be emailed pick-up instructions once your permit is ready for pick-up. 
    • Parking decals must be affixed to the driver’s side rear stationary window, on the outside. Once purchased, it is the vehicle operator’s responsibility to affix the permit to the vehicle.
    • For returning applicants, whenever a new vehicle is added to your account, a copy of the registration must be submitted online.
    • Applications will be canceled if payment and required documents are not received in a timely manner. Copying services are not available at the Public Safety Office.
    • Permits are issued for a specific vehicle and are non-transferable.
    • Citations will be issued to vehicles without permits properly displayed.
    • Tampering with, removing a permit without permission, resale, transfer, or use of a forged or altered permit will result in loss of parking privileges and a $100 fine.
    • Permits will not be issued until outstanding citations are resolved.
  • How do I purchase short-term parking?
    For daily passes visit your online parking account.
  • How do I resolve my parking citation?
    • Citations can be paid or appealed through your online parking account. You have 20 days from the day of receipt to submit an appeal or make a payment without a late fee.
    • Citations are posted to accounts within 1 business day of receipt.
    • Holds come off your account within 1 business day of payment.
  • Can I have my parking pass prorated?
    Passes are only prorated after January 1st. Passes purchased any period between July 1-December 31 will be charged the same rate. The same applies for passes purchased January 1-June 30.
  • Can I buy a parking pass for only one semester?
    Yes, semester only parking passes are available online.
  • I switch vehicles often, how do I get another pass?
    Purchasing a permit entitles you to (1) decal for your vehicle. If you need to take an alternate vehicle to work, log onto your parking portal account, select get permit, and choose driving other vehicle for a free temporary printable permit for 1 week.
  • How do I apply for a guest parking pass?
    • Personal guest passes must be purchased online.
    • For college guests (attending meetings, speaking at an event, etc.), you can submit a request through the Visitor Parking Request Form. Requests must be submitted at least 1 business day in advance.
  • My vehicle is being repaired, how do I receive a temporary permit?
    Temporary permits can be printed from your online parking account. 
  • My old vehicle is no longer in use, how do I receive a new permit?
    • In order to issue a new permit we will need the permit returned to us (even if it is in shreds). If you no longer have access to your vehicle we will need proof that it is no longer in your possession (ex. Bill of Sale, DMV plate surrender receipt, insurance claim).
    • After the first step is completed, you will need to send Public Safety a copy of your new registration to have your replacement permit processed.