Noise Complaints

In our ongoing effort to help address noise or quality of life issues on campus or near our campus, we suggest the following-

To report issues at local bars, businesses or on NYC streets

  1. Call NYC 311 or visit 311 online and file a complaint for NYPD response.

To report issues on campus or from nearby private residences believed to be occupied by Manhattan College students

  1. Call NYC 311 or visit 311 online and file a complaint for NYPD response.
  2. Call Manhattan College Public Safety at 718-862-7500 and file a complaint. Provide as much detail as possible, including the exact location of occurrence. Reports are reviewed and appropriate action taken against any student identified and found responsible for violating Manhattan College policies. Photo or video documentation can be forwarded to
  3. If the noise emanates from a private residence occupied by Manhattan College students, also file a complaint with the property owner or building manager.

To Report Off-Campus COVID Complaints

NYC has enacted public health social distancing restrictions and face covering rules to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Social distancing restrictions include keeping 6 feet away from others (non-family group members and not gathering in groups of more than 50. NYC states it will enforce violations as appropriate.

You must wear a face covering if you are:

  • Out in public and keeping a 6-foot distance from others is not possible
  • Using public transportation or for hire vehicles
  • An employee who has contact with customers or members of the public (for example, grocery store cashiers)

You can report social distancing or face covering violations to NYC here –