Noise Complaints

In our ongoing effort to improve relations with our neighbors, we are providing the following recommended procedures to report and address both off-campus and on-campus noise complaints.

Call the NYC 311 communications telephone number. By calling 311, a control number will be generated. The 311 dispatcher will then send the complaint to the 50th police precinct. The police will respond and give disposition on the complaint which is then logged into a computer database system.

To report persons believed to be or identified as Manhattan College students, call the Manhattan College Public Safety Office (available 24/7) at 718-862-7500. Provide as much detail as possible, including: exact time and place, gender, height, weight, complexion-light/medium/dark of individuals, as well as color and type of clothing.

A College incident report will be prepared for review and appropriate action in accordance with the Manhattan College Student Code of Conduct.