Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I withdraw from a course?
    Once the add/drop period ends, students may no longer add courses to their schedules. They may, however, withdraw from a course but with academic and financial liabilities. Students can withdraw directly through their Self-Service Student account. A student will receive a W grade for any courses that are withdrawn. A grade of W is shown on the student's transcript but does not affect their cumulative grade point average.
  • How can I withdraw completely from Manhattan College?

    Students currently enrolled in Manhattan College who wish to withdraw from the College, effectively ending their status as matriculated students, must complete the required Manhattan College Withdrawal Form. An appointment should be made with the appropriate Academic Advisor/Assistant Dean to have an exit interview and to complete the required form. If a medical withdrawal is requested, the student must contact the Director of the Counseling Center & Health Services. This form must be completely filled out or students will not be eligible for tuition adjustments and may be responsible for paying back any financial aid received from the College. The effective date for a student’s withdrawal is the date that the student notifies the College.

  • What is my student status (Full-time, Part-time, 3/4 time)?

    Student status refers to the course load (in terms of credits) a student is taking during a given semester:


    • Less than half time: 1–5 credits
    • Half time: 6–8 credits
    • 3/4 time: 9–11 credits
    • Full time: 12–or above

    Graduate (as of Fall 2016)

    • Less than half time: 1 -2 credits
    • Half time: 3 credits
    • 3/4 time: 4 -5 credits
    • Full time: 6 credits

    Students should pay close attention to their student status, especially if they are receiving any type of financial aid. Loans, grants, TAP and scholarships from Manhattan College have specific guidelines regarding student status. Falling below a certain status may put a student in jeopardy of losing aid.

  • How can I change my address?

    Students can update their address on their Self-Service Student Account or by filling out a Change of Address Form.

    You can also update your business, emergency contact, and local, and/or next of kin addresses on Self-Service.

  • I have an insurance/loan deferment form that needs to be filled out, how can I do this?
    Students must fill out all personal information on the in-school deferment form and fax it directly to the National Student Clearinghouse at 703-733-4180. If the form is asking for the institutional seal, it must be mailed directly from Manhattan College to lenders or providers. If not, the student may, if they wish, take the completed form and submit it to their provider or lender by their own means.
  • How can I get proof that I am still in school or enrollment history?
    Self-Service now has an online feature "ClearingHouse Enrollment Services - MYHUB" that enables students to obtain their enrollment and student loan information, including enrollment verification certificates, at no charge.
  • How do individuals/employers/organizations verify my graduation status?
    They should contact The National Student Clearinghouse at:
    National Student Clearinghouse
    2300 Dulles Station Boulevard Suite 300
    Herndon, VA 20171 |
    Fax: 703-742-4239
  • How can I change my name?

    Current and former students can fill out the change of name form and include an original copy of their marriage license, divorce decree, or other legal document supporting the name change.


  • How can I request an official or unofficial transcript?
    You can request transcripts online. Find out more information about ordering transcripts here.
  • How do I get my grades?
    Grades are available online via Self-Service. Grades are not mailed.
  • How do I request a replacement diploma?

    Provide the following information in a signed letter or fill out the diploma request form, which is located on our Forms, Documents, and Tutorials page, please include:

    • The name under which you were registered (the name to be printed on the diploma)
    • The degree you received
    • The month and year you graduated
    • The address to which the diploma is to be mailed

    Please mail your letter with a check or money order of $40 or include your credit/debit card number and expiration date to:

    Manhattan College
    Registrar's Office
    4513 Manhattan College Pkwy.
    Riverdale, NY 10471