Academic Calendar


2017 Spring Semester

Jan. 17 Classes Begin
Jan. 23 Late Registration & Add/Drop Ends
Februay 21 Senate Meeting
March 3 Mid-Term Grades Due
March 13-17 Spring Break
March 21 Senate Meeting
April 3  Web Registration begins for Fall 2017
April 7

St. De La Salle Day: The Feast of St. John Baptist de la Salle,

Patron of Teachers

April 14-17 Easter Holiday
April 18 Senate Meeting
April 18 Last day to withdraw from courses
May 2 Friday Schedule
May 3 Monday Schedule 
May 4 Last Day of classes - Thursday Schedule
May 5-6 Reading Days***
May 8-13 Finals Week
May 14-18 Senior Days
May 15 Summer Session I Begins
May 16 Final Grades due at 12pm
May 18 Spring Commencement
May 19 The 175th Undergraduate Commencement
June 27 Deadline to submit incomplete work to faculty for Spring 2017
July 5

Deadline for faculty to submit grades for incomplete work for Spring 2017

2017 Summer Sessions

May 15 Summer Session I Begins
June 29 Summer Session I Ends
July 5 Summer Session II Begins
August 18 Summer Session II Ends

2017 Fall Semester

August 28 Classes Begin
September 1 Late Registration & Add/Drop ends
September 4

Labor Day Holiday - No Classes

September 19 Senate Meeting
October 9 Columbus Day Holiday - No Classes
October 10 Monday Schedule
October 16 Mid-Term Grades due
October 17 Senate Meeting
November 1 Web Registration begins for Spring 2018
November 17 Last day to withdraw from courses
November 21 Senate Meeting
November 22-24 Thanksgiving Holiday - No Classes
December 8 Last Day of Classes
December 11-16 Finals Week - Winter Recess beigns after last examination
December 18 Winter Intersession begins
December 19 All Fall 2017 grades due at 12 noon
January 30 Deadline to submit incomplete work to faculty for Fall 2017 for Undegraduates & Graduates
February 5 Deadline for Faculty to submit grades for Fall 2017 incompletes

Subject to Changes
Updated 3/14/2017

***Reading days my be designated as snow make-up days by Provost. If so, this decision will be made no later than 2/28/17

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Graduate & SCPS

Each graduate and SCPS program operates on their own calendar. See the course catalog for details: