Manhattan College Self-Study

A Self-Study is the formal process an institution uses to critically examine its overall educational effectiveness relative to its goals and its compliance with all applicable MSCHE criteria and policies. The Self-Study is the foundation for the MSCHE review team's judgment of whether the program meets the criteria for accreditation.

A successful self-study will lead to our MSCHE re-accreditation. This is the most obvious outcome and in some ways the most important for all stakeholders. If we are not successful in getting re-accredited, we will face serious disadvantages as an institution of higher education, and there are serious repercussions for students, such as a loss of federal funding for financial aid, which many of our students depend on.  While extremely important, accreditation is not the only outcome of a successful self-study. An effective self-study will lead to community-building, opportunities for introspection, and improvements in the quality of our institution, including the learning experience we provide students. 

Manhattan College is currently undergoing its self-study, which will be completed just ahead of our MSCHE Team Visit scheduled for Spring 2022.