Self-Study Timeline

Self-Study timeline
October - November 2019 Co-chairs attend the MSCHE Self-Study Institute
November 2019 – January 2020 Assemble Steering Committee
Draft Self-Study Design
Announce Self-Study process and Steering Committee to campus at the Spring convocation
February – April 2020 Appoint working groups and chairs
Share self-study design with MSCHE VP liaison
Host MSCHE VP liaison for the preliminary self-study design visit (CANCELED as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.)
May – August 2020 Revise and obtain final approval of the self-study design (by MSCHE VP liaison)
Prepare working group members for 2020 – 2021 self-study efforts
September – December 2021 Working groups gather and analyze evidence related to relevant standard and requirements of affiliation
January – May 2021 Working groups continue work based on feedback from steering committee
MSCHE Team chair is chosen
MSCHE Team Chair visit date scheduled
June – August 2021 Working groups submit final drafts of chapters to Steering Group liaison
Self-Study, Verification of Compliance Report, and Evidence Inventory are finalized by the Steering Committee co-chairs
September – October 2021 Community and Board review self-study draft
Final changes made to self-study report
November – December 2021 Send final self-study draft to Team Chair (2 weeks before the Team Chair visit)
Host Team Chair Visit
January – February 2022 Finalize Self-Study report based on the Team Chair Visit
Share Final report with community
Upload final report to MSCHE portal (6 weeks before Team Visit)
March – April 2022 Host Visiting MSCHE Team
Receive MSCHE Team report
Provide institutional response
June 2022 MSCHE Commission meets to determine action