Intended Outcomes of Self Study

Through the MSCHE self-study process, we hope to integrate the development of self-study design with strategic planning, and use the self-study process to further develop institutional planning and renewal processes, thereby ensuring that the self-study will be as useful and meaningful as possible. As a result, we anticipate the following outcomes:  

  1. Demonstrate how the institution currently meets the Commission’s Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation
  2. Focus on continuous improvement in the attainment of the institution’s mission and its institutional priorities
  3. Engage the institutional community in an inclusive and transparent self-appraisal process that actively and deliberately seeks to involve members from all areas of the institutional community
  4. Further the culture of continuous improvement through assessment practices
  5. Further link mission and the Lasallian values to the strategic planning and budgeting processes through continuous assessment
  6. Gain a better understanding of how academic programming, including courses and program offerings, link to the Lasallian mission and values