Staff Contacts

Our dedicated Office of Financial Aid Administration professionals understand the commitment, planning, and sacrifices made by students and your families to finance a college education. We look forward to assisting you.

Office of Financial Aid Administration
Thomas Hall 3rd Floor
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

  1. Rabea Ali

    Rabea Ali

    Asst. Dir./TAP Vet Cert.Financial Aid Administration718-862-7198THO 3.66
  2. Deanna Cruz

    Deanna Cruz

    Sr. Asst. Dir./Pell Coor.Financial Aid Administration718-862-7486THO 3.65
  3. Allyson Fucci

    Allyson Fucci

    Assoc. Dir. Instit. AidFinancial Aid Administration718-862-7864THO 3.65
  4. Werner Habermann

    Werner Habermann

    Sr. Asst./Financial Aid Oper.Financial Aid Administration718-862-7515THO 3.60A
  5. Adeline Newman

    Adeline Newman

    Sr. Assoc. Dir./Financial AidFinancial Aid Administration718-862-7382THO 3.00
  6. Denise Scalzo

    Denise Scalzo

    Dir/Fin.Aid Admin.Financial Aid Administration718-862-7178THO 3.61
  7. Gregory Urena Arias

    Gregory Urena Arias

    Asst. Dir. Data Anal. & SystemFinancial Aid Administration718-862-7396THO 3.66