Student Employment Committee

The Student Employment Committee (SEC) formed as a designated space for supervisors of student employees to share resources. Since its inception, the committee has identified areas of growth for the College in regards to student employment. The SEC seeks to foster an environment where student employment is seen as a meaningful experience integral to the growth and professional development of students at Manhattan College.


SEC aims to support and facilitate policies, standards, and procedures to ensure that the student employee experience is streamlined and uniform. SEC undertakes projects and makes recommendations in support of training, professional development, and student employee supervision.


  1. Gather protocols and policies that will streamline the process of supervising student workers and establish uniform requirements across campus including: 
    1. Student employee manual 
    2. Supervisor manual 
    3. Evaluation process 
    4. Employment standards (job descriptions, titles, training requirements, talent development support) 
  2. Create standardized training for student employees and supervisors. 3. Establish a centralized hub for access to resources for supervisors. 
  3. Provide a platform for supervisors to express concerns and problem solve. 5. Gain funding for professional development opportunities for students and employees. 6. Create and establish methods for data collection to inform committee direction and support funding opportunities.



The Committee shall elect a chair and vice-chair on an annual basis at the end of the year; the chair and vice-chair’s term is one year; chair-elects serve in the term subsequent to the year they were elected. The chairs’ responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • call Committee meetings; 
  • establish and circulate meeting agendas; 
  • collaborate and communicate with the Senate; 
  • collaborate to develop, effectuate and report on the Committee’s annual plan;
  • facilitate development and revision of the Committee’s three-year plan;
  • initiate the process to elect a new Chair prior to the last meeting of the Committee in the academic year in which their term ends.

In the event that a chair does not fulfill the above responsibilities, voting members of the committee can call a vote to have the vice-chair assume responsibility. Two-thirds of voting members must be in agreement to have the chair removed.


Membership of the Student Employment Committee will be reviewed annually to ensure appropriate representation of the organizational structure. Requirements to be a voting member are as follows: 

  • Be a full-time Manhattan College employee. 
  • Attend at least 70% (7 out of 10) of yearly meetings. 
  • Directly supervise at least one student and/or have relevant information to help other members in their work (ex. Human Resources, Office of Institutional Assessment). 

Voting members will be chosen at the beginning of each year. The committee chair will poll attendees at the October meeting and ask who will be making a commitment for the upcoming year. 

The following departments will have a standing member on SEC: 

  1. Career Development 
  2. Center for Academic Success 
  3. Commuter Services 
  4. Financial Aid 
  5. Information Technology Services (ITS) 
  6. Residence Life 

Standing members come from departments that offer services for all students that support in their overall academic or professional development. Ensuring that these departments always have a representative will help in attaining the greatest outreach and impact. 

SEC members shall have the knowledge, experience, willingness, and availability necessary to effectively participate in the work that is the Committee’s stated purpose. If at any time a SEC member becomes unable to fulfill their membership duties or their department is no longer represented due to a transition, the SEC Chair can reach out to the Director/VP of that department to have an alternate member appointed. 

The chairperson will rotate every year and be selected by a majority vote of the Committee’s membership. Each committee member is expected to participate with a perspective of the College’s needs rather than representing the interests or needs of a particular school or department. Each committee member is expected to serve as a resource to the Committee regarding the particular school or department in which they work. Each committee member is expected to serve as a liaison between the Committee and the area in which they work with regard to Committee activities and projects. 


The committee will meet no less than 8 times per year with a goal to meet ten times per year. The committee will not meet in May and August. 

All SEC meetings are open and any member of the Manhattan College community may attend an SEC meeting. During meetings when voting is necessary, voting will be limited to members only.


Agendas, minutes and meeting structure – The chairperson will collaborate on agenda items. The chairperson will circulate agendas in advance of each meeting to ensure informed discussions of scheduled topics. All agendas will have action items. All meetings shall have minutes, which will include notes of the discussion, recommendations and action items as applicable. Meeting minutes will be presented to the membership for approval; approved minutes shall be retained and available to members for reference. The chairperson is responsible to call meetings and shall call no fewer than three meetings in each semester of each academic year. 

Voting - Voting Members are determined during the second meeting of each year. Each active voting member and chairperson has an equal share. All voting members shall be notified of any and all voting matters at least 24-hours in advance of any and all votes. All voting processes shall include the options “Agree”, “Disagree”, and “Abstain”. All members may choose any response option for any voting matter. Committee voting may be conducted in person or virtually. The Chair shall call for, record and announce any and all votes and the results thereof. In the event of a tie, a re-vote will be done. 

Reporting – Committee members will serve as a liaison between the Committee and the area in which they work with regard to Committee activities and projects. The chairperson will collaborate and communicate with the Senate. The chairperson is responsible for development, effectuation and yearly reporting on the Committee’s annual plan. The chairperson is responsible for the facilitation of the development of the Committee’s three-year plan.


  1. For the purposes of the committee, a year will begin in September and end in July. 
  2. September 2019-July 2021- will be the committee’s “discovery years”. While SEC works to build its foundation, three co-chairs will be in place and term lengths will not be in effect. A new chair (or co-chairs if deemed necessary by committee members) will be elected July 2021 and will begin their term September 2021.