Athletic Financial Aid

Manhattan College and the Department of Athletics are committed to the highest levels of institutional control and full compliance with NCAA and MAAC regulations. If a student has been terminated from a team, a student can appeal for financial aid. 

Policy on Student Athletic Financial Aid Appeals

If a student-athlete’s athletic aid has been reduced, canceled, or not renewed, they must be provided written notice of an opportunity for a hearing (NCAA


Appeal Examples

  •  A major violation of NCAA or Conference rules and regulations.
  •  A violation of Colleges policy, guidelines or practices.
  •  The decision is unjustified, or there was a lack of good faith by either party.

A student who wishes to appeal any decisions related to his/her athletic financial aid shall submit the Student-Athlete Appeal Petition Form to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. This request shall include:

  •  Student’s Name, Manhattan College IID, Year in School, Sport;
  •  Type and amount of previous financial aid;
  •  Reasons for believing that the decision was unfair or unjustified;
  •   Include names of institutional staff members the student has discussed the aid;
  •  Copies of any relevant documents supporting appeal ¨

The student may request an in-person hearing or written appeal process only.

 An appeal must be submitted to Office of Financial Aid Administration by the date listed on the non-renewal, cancellation or reduction letter.

Appeals Committee

 The appeals committee consists of three staff members from Student Service Departments. Members are selected by the Associate Director of Financial Aid Administration. Each member serves a one-semester term. The Athletic Aid Coordinator in the Financial Aid Administration Office arranges the meeting times and locations.

 Appeal Procedures

  •   Within two weeks after receiving a non-renewal or reduction letter, the student-athlete submits the written appeal to Financial Aid Administration.
  •  The Associate Director notifies the athletic department, and appeals committee of the request.
  •  Scheduling is based on the student-athlete’s request for type of appeal (written or in-person hearing). A hearing is scheduled immediately.

 Following the hearing, one of the two actions is taken:

  •  If the financial aid appeals committee finds that the decision to reduce, cancel, or not renew is not a violation of the rules, regulations or institutional policies and no extenuating circumstances are present, the appeal is immediately denied.
  •  If the financial aid appeals committee finds that the decision to reduce, cancel, or not renew aid is a violation of the rules, regulations and institutional policies, the appeal is immediately approved. The financial aid is then made available to the student as soon as possible.

The Committee’s decision is final.


 Appeal Instructions:

  1. A written statement.
  2. You may submit supporting documentation if appropriate, with your petition.
  3. If you wish to have a hearing, please indicate in writing.
  4. Upon review, additional information may be requested by the committee.

 Your award appeal must be submitted to us along with supporting documents.

                         Allyson Fucci, Associate Director of Financial Aid

                                                Manhattan College        

                                                4513 Manhattan College Parkway

                                                Riverdale NY, 10471


 Appeal Process

(Timelines are based on when financial aid is notified student is appealing)

Written Appeal
  1. Your written appeal is directed to the Chair of the appeals committee within 2 weeks.
  2. The coach/athletic representative also submit a written statement to the committee upon notice of appeal.
  3. A copy of each statement is immediately sent to the opposite party.
  4. The coach and student-athlete may send back a rebuttal statement within 2 weeks.
  5. The committee will review all the documents and reach a decision within two weeks of receipt all final documents.
  6. The chairperson will issue the committee’s response to you in writing as soon as possible.