Academic Calendar


2016 Fall Semester

Aug. 29 Classes Begin
Sept. 2 Late Registration & Add/Drop Ends
Sept. 5 Labor Day Holiday - No Classes
Oct. 10 Columbus Day - No classes
Oct.11 Monday Schedule
Oct.17 Mid-term Grades Due
Nov. 1 Web Registration Begins for Spring 2017
Nov. 18 Last Day to Withdraw from courses
Nov. 23-25 Thanksgiving Holiday  - No Classes
Dec. 9 Last Day of Classes
Dec. 12-17 Finals Week - Winter Recess Begins after Last Examination

2016-2017 Winter Intersession

Dec. 19 Classes Begin
Dec. 26-30 Christmas Break - College Closed
Jan. 2 New Year's Holiday - College Closed
Jan. 6 Deadline to submit incomplete work to Faculty for Fall 2016
Jan. 13 Last Day of Winter Intersession
Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Holiday - College Closed

2017 Spring Semester

Jan. 17 Classes Begin
Jan. 23 Late Registration & Add/Drop Ends
Februay 21 Senate Meeting
March 3 Mid-Term Grades Due
March 13-17 Spring Break
March 21 Senate Meeting
April 3  Web Registration begins for Fall 2017
April 7

St. De La Salle Day: The Feast of St. John Baptist de la Salle,

Patron of Teachers

April 14-17 Easter Holiday
April 18 Senate Meeting
April 18 Last day to withdraw from courses
May 2 Friday Schedule
May 3 Monday Schedule 
May 4 Last Day of classes - Thursday Schedule
May 5-6 Reading Days***
May 8-13 Finals Week
May 14-18 Senior Days
May 15 Summer Session I Begins
May 16 Final Grades due at 12pm
May 18 Spring Commencement
May 19 The 175th Undergraduate Commencement
June 7 Deadline to submit incomplete work to faculty for Spring 2017

Subject to Changes
Updated 2/14/2017

***Reading days my be designated as snow make-up days by Provost. If so, this decision will be made no later than 2/28/17

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Graduate & SCPS

Each graduate and SCPS program operates on their own calendar. See the course catalog for details: