Living on Campus: The Jasper Experience

Manhattan College Residence Life offers a comprehensive living experience for students who live on campus. Living on campus includes furnished rooms, wired and wireless internet, and premium cable channels including HBO channels and streaming live television (Stream2), individual mailboxes for students, and High Efficiency (HE) laundry machines in each Residence Hall. Learn more about what to experience living on campus


  • What is provided in the residence hall rooms?
    • An extra-long twin bed, desk, chair, and wardrobe or closet space for each resident
    • A large 6-drawer dresser for roommates to share
    • DirecTV cable (residents provide their own coaxial cable for the television)
    • Wireless internet access
    • One RJ-45 ethernet jack per resident
  • What should I bring to campus?

    We suggest you bring:

    • Sheets (extra-long twin)
    • Bed pillows
    • Bedspread/comforter/blanket
    • Toiletries
    • Towels
    • Alarm clock
    • Bathmats/shower curtains
    • Desk lamp/floor lamp with energy-saving bulbs
    • Flashlights that run on AA or AAA batteries
    • Surge protector
    • Ethernet cords (Ethernet card and patch cable required for desktop computer)
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Vacuum, broom, waste basket
    • First aid supplies
    • High-efficiency laundry detergent
    • Clothes hangers
    • Iron/ironing board

    We suggest you bring to share with your roommate:

    • Television (with coaxial cable)
    • DVD player
    • Area rug
    • *Refrigerator (≤ 6.1 cubic feet)
    • *Microwave (≤ 700 watts, 1.7-2.4 cubic feet)

    *These items are available to rent

  • What should I NOT bring to campus?

    Items that are not allowed in any of the residence halls include:

    • Non UL-rated electric devices or appliances
    • Two-prong extension cords
    • Space heaters
    • Electric blankets
    • Candles, incense, oil lamps, hookahs
    • Barbecue grills
    • Plug-in air fresheners
    • Hot plates, George Foreman grills, toaster ovens
    • Decorative/holiday lights
    • Weapons
    • Amplifiers
    • Air guns, paintball guns
    • Halogen lamps, “spider” lamps
    • Nails/screws for wall hangings
    • Wireless internet routers
    • Pets (except fish in ≤ 20-gallon tanks)

Cable TV and Streaming Television

  • Cable and Stream 2 Instructions

    Cable TV at Manhattan College

    Manhattan College has partnered with Apogee to provide traditional cable tv programming as well as an IPTV streaming service called Stream2.  You can watch live TV and sports on your computer, tablet, phone, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon FireStick.


    How to set up your cable TV:

    Step 1: Disconnect and reconnect the cable cord (coaxial cable) from the tv and the outlet. Reverse the connections and MAKE SURE the connection is fully threaded and tight on both the tv and the outlet.

    Step 2: Rescan TV (Auto Scan). While TV configurations vary from model to model, in general TVs will need to have their input set to the “cable” or “antenna” option, and have their channels set to be auto-programmed or scanned in order to store all available channels.

    Digital TV FAQs:


     How to set up Stream2:

    To get started: 

    Create an account at

    Download the app in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, ROKU Channel Store or the Amazon Appstore.



    Use your account credentials to login and start streaming.


    If you have any problem with your cable service or Stream2, please contact Apogee.

    Toll-free: 844-283-6499


    Text: “MyStream2” to 84700




  • Cable TV Channel Lineup


    Channel Number Channel
    2.1 CBS (WCBSDT)
    2.2 Start TV
    2.3 DABL
    3.0 Campus Life Channel by Orca TV
    4.1 NBC (WNBCDT)
    4.2 COZI-TV
    5.1 FOX (WNYWDT)
    5.2 Movies!
    5.4 Light TV
    5.5 Decades Network
    7.1 ABC (WABCDT)
    7.2 LiveWell
    7.3 LAFF Network
    9.1 My9 NJ (WWORTV)
    9.3 Buzzr Network
    9.4 Heroes Network
    11.1 PIX11 
    11.2 Antenna Network
    11.3 ThisTV
    11.4 TBD.
    13.1 PBS 
    13.2 PBS Kids
    14.0 HBO
    14.1 Worldwide View
    15.0 HBO2
    16.0 HBO Comedy
    17.0 HBO Family
    18.0 HBO Latino
    19.0 HBO Signature
    20.0 AMC
    21.0 MSG Network
    22.0 SNY
    23.0 YES
    24.0 ESPN
    25.0 ESPN2
    26.0 ESPN News
    27.0 ESPN U
    28.0 NBC Sports Network
    29.0 Fox Sports 1
    30.0 MSNBC
    31.0 Bloomberg Television
    32.0 CNN
    33.0 FOX News Chanenel
    34.0 C-SPAN
    35.0 NASA Channel
    36.0 National Geographic Channel
    37.0 Animal Planet
    38.0 History Channel
    39.0 HGTV
    40.0 Food Network
    41.0 Discovery Channel
    42.0 Univision
    41.2 Bounce TV
    42.0 TLC
    43.0 A&E
    44.0 FreeForm
    45.0 Aud
    46.0 AXS TV
    47.0 BBC America
    47.1 Telemundo
    47.2 Telexitos
    48.0 BET
    48.2 Stadium
    49.0 Bravo
    50.0 Cartoon Network
    51.0 Comedy Central
    52.0 Country Music Television
    53.0 DIsney Channel
    54.0 E!
    55.0 FX
    56.0 Lifetime
    57.0 MTV
    58.0 MTV2
    59.0 Nick
    60.0 Paramount Network
    61.0 SyFy Network
    62.0 TBS
    63.0 TNT
    64.0 TruTV
    65.0 TVLand
    66.0 USA Network
    67.1 VH1
    68.0 WE TV
    68.1 WFUT
    68.2 Justice Network
    68.3 Get TV

Receiving Mail

  • How to receive mail on campus

    All student who reside on campus are assignment mailboxes by the Mail Center. 

    Where are mailboxes located?

    Mailboxes are located:

    • On the Second Floor of Thomas Hall
    • On the First Floor of Horan Hall
    • On the First Floor of Lee Hall
    Students can receive their mail at:

    Student Name

    Manhattan College

    4513 Manhattan College Parkway Box # "Insert Mailbox Number"

    Bronx, NY 10471


    Students can find their mailbox number and combination codes by logging into the MyHousing Portal

    How do I open my mailbox?

    Turn LEFT passing the first number TWICE
    Turn RIGHT passing the second number ONCE then stop slowly on that number on the second time
    Slowly turn LEFT and go directly to the third number
    Slightly turn to the RIGHT and pull until the box opens.



Damages, Fees, and Fines

  • Damage Billing

    Our goal in Residence Life is to create a comfortable and appealing living environment for our residents to live in. 

    When vandalism and excessive damage occurs it impacts the entire community. As stated in the Housing Contract: 

    The Student is responsible for the condition of the assigned room and all furnishings beyond ordinary wear and tear. The Student may be charged for damages to the common areas in the public spaces. The following terms and conditions apply to Student’s liability:

    Students shall have equal rights to the use of common spaces and agree to use all common areas in a prudent, inoffensive and non-dangerous manner and in compliance with the community policies and will respect the rights of other students in such areas. These facilities include, but are not limited to, apartment living rooms, balconies, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and community rooms. ORL may impose restrictions on the use of common areas, as deemed appropriate.

    Information regarding specific billing information can be found in the Damage Billing Table. Fees will be assessed based on these rates for the 2022-2023 academic year.