Health Excuse and Note Policy

Many Manhattan College professors have a mandatory attendance policy for their classes and require documentation if the student misses one or more classes.

As stated in Manhattan College’s Course Catalog under Attendance Policy: “Reasonable accommodations for absences are recommended, but are solely at the discretion of the course instructor.”

Health Services does not  provide students with notes for any missed classes or exams due to their visit to Health Services. It is the responsibility of the student to  notify  their professors regarding any missed classes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty have access to the class roster that notes an approved isolation period for up to 5 days off campus. Health Services will assign a Red Pass to note the approved absence from class. 

For prolonged illness, Health Services will provide students with  assistance with obtaining temporary medical accommodation through the Specialized Resource Center. Students are required to obtain and submit  documentation from their primary care or specialist physician for any outside medical care.