Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use Health Services?
    All commuter and residential undergraduate students are eligible for health services.
  • How much does it cost?
    There are no charges for the care provided by the college ​medical providers​ in our office. However, students are responsible for expenses for hospital emergency-room care, X-rays, laboratory tests, specialists fees, hospitalizations and prescriptions filled at outside pharmacies.
  • Can I receive medication?
    Some frequently prescribed medications for colds and minor illnesses are provided without charge through Health Services. Students may be given prescriptions for other medications that can be purchased at local pharmacies.
  • What about confidentiality?
    All information received and maintained by Health Services is confidential. No information will be given to anyone other than Health Services personnel without permission from the patient (except under emergency situations involving danger to oneself or others).
  • What about after hours?

    In the event of serious illness that occurs after regular office hours or on weekends, please contact a Residence Life staff member or the Public Safety office for assistance. After-hours emergency care is available at several nearby locations. See a list of urgent care and emergency facilities near campus.

    Public Safety will call New York City EMS (911) for transportation to a Emergency Care Facility.