Required Forms

Requirements For All Students

Before attending Manhattan College, all students must complete and submit the required Health Forms. Manhattan College requires you and your Healthcare provider to complete the Health Forms to comply with the New York State law regarding college immunizations. Failure to submit these Forms will result in a Health Services Hold on your account.

The state of New York requires all students who attend class provide proof of the MMR and meningitis immunizations. In addition to the state requirements, Manhattan College also requires all new students to fill out a TB Risk screening questionnaire, and based on risk, receive TB skin or blood testing.

Manhattan College recommends the following vaccines: Hepatitis B, HPV, Tdap, Meningitis B. For more information on the State of New York immunization requirements, visit The New York State Department of Health website.

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccine

The New York state health laws require students to submit proof of two doses of MMR vaccine, administered at least 28 days apart with the first dose not before 4 days before your first birthday OR evidence of immunity to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella by blood titers- lab report required. 

How to Submit Health Forms

Please complete and submit the following forms.



Health Services 
Manhattan College 
4513 Manhattan College Pkwy. 
Riverdale, NY 10471



Hand Deliver is Not Available at This Time

Horan Hall Room 218

If you have any questions, please contact health services at 718-862-7217.

Meningitis Vaccine

New York state requires one dose of meningitis ACYW vaccine within the last 5 years OR a signed Meningitis Response Form.

The Meningitis Response form should indicate whether the student has received, or intends to receive, the vaccine. Please read the provided notice regarding meningococcal meningitis as well as the Department of Health fact sheet for further detail. Although students are not required to have the vaccine, they are required to complete and submit the response form. The American College Health Association recommends certain additional vaccinations for college-bound students, especially those who will be living on campus. Please speak to your health care provider about your personal health needs or visit for more information. 

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire

This form is required to assess risk for TB exposure or disease. Tuberculosis testing may be required.

Physical examination record

Undergraduate students must have a recent History and Physical on file at Manhattan College Health Services to access the services of our medical providers.

Additional Requirements for Student-Athletes

If you plan to participate in the D1 Athletic program, the above records must be on file with health services and you must meet with the orthopedic medical provider before you will be permitted to attend your first practice. Your coach will inform you of available appointment times for your team. At the time of your appointment, you must bring in the following completed Athletic forms:

  • Athletic Department Insurance Form
  • NCAA Student Health Questionnaire and Physical
  • Annual Health Record

For more information on this requirement, please visit the Inside Athletics, Sports Medicine webpage at