Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office advocates for students, both individually and collectively, by ensuring that programs and services reflecting best practices are in place to support their success.  The Dean of Students works collaboratively with the Counseling Center, Health Services, Residence Life and the Assistant Dean of Students to ensure that students are able to succeed in and out of the classroom.

The student advocacy efforts of the Dean of Students Office include the following:

  • CARE Team

    The Campus Assessment, Resource, and Education (CARE) Team can help students with issues that included but are not limited to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, erratic behavior, missing extended class time, substance use/abuse, medical problems, self-destructive behavior, family issues, adjustment issues, etc.

    To contact the CARE Team with concerns, you email, or contact CARE Team members directly:

    Dr. Esmilda Abreu Hornbostel, Interim VP and Dean of Students 718-862-7352

    AJ Goodman, Associate Dean/Director of Residence Life      718-862-7944

    Hayden Greene, Director of Multicultural Affairs                       718-862-8112

    Jennifer McArdle, Director of Counseling               718-862-7975

    You can also send the CARE Team a report by using our referral form.

    Student Referral Form

    Should you face an emergency situation on campus, the first report should be to Public Safety at 718-862-7500.  Less emergent situations can be reported to the CARE Team and a level of intervention needed will be determined.  The CARE Team may, at times, initiate an emergency response.

  • #JasperFoodShare – Food Insecurity Support

    COVID-19 Resources

    Campus Ministry and Social Action has developed and continues to update a list of local resources for students.

    Community Emergency Resources - COVID-19

    The United States Government Accountability Office reviewed 31 studies and found that most studies indicate over 30% of college students are experiencing Food Insecurity. Many of these students have to choose between buying food or paying for their education. (source)

    If food insecurity is impacting you or a student you know, please fill out this form to seek assistance.  This form is received by Food Insecurity Task Force and CARE Team members.

    Food Insecurity Request Form

    Funds are available from donations by resident students who have given their dining dollars for use by those in need.

    Jasper Dollar Donation Form

    Students, faculty, staff, and administrators may also email or contact Food Insecurity Committee members directly for assistance:

    Jessica Aviles, Director of Events Management             718-862-8120

    Marilyn Carter, Director, Commuter Services             718-862-7958

    Charles Clency, Director of Residence Life             718-862-7944

    AJ Goodman, Assistant Dean                       718-862-6995

    Hayden Greene, Director of Mulitcultural Affairs             718-862-8112

    Lois Harr, Asst. VP for Student Life and Director CMSA 718-862-7142

    Anne Mavor, Director of Health Services                718-862-7243