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Health Services is available for appointments weekdays Monday - Friday. As a result of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, students will be offered telehealth or in-person visits as appropriate.

If you would like to speak with a nurse or provider, please email OR call the office during office hours Monday - Friday.

Visits are available by appointment. Please call Health Services at 718-862-7217 or email us at In most cases students are evaluated on the same day or within 24 hours.

For after hours and weekends please visit the After Hours and Urgent Care tab for local options and telemedicine options.

For first visits, plan to arrive10 minutes early in order to complete the check in process. 

Please review the information found in the link below if this is your first visit:

Notice of Privacy

Health Services is located in Horan Hall 218. Hours are Monday- Friday 9:00 am-4:30 pm.


Valid Manhattan College ID

Private Insurance Card; bring the physical card or a copy of the front and back of the card.

Credit or Debit card for fees.


Undergraduate students visits: no fee. 

Graduate and SCPS student visits: $25.

Medications from Health Services: $5 and $10.

PPD testing: $20

FLU vaccination: $20

Phlebotomy lab handling: $10.


Payment is due at the time of visit
Please know your insurance coverage for processing lab work. Quest Diagnostics services will bill your insurance for processing blood tests, throat cultures, urine test, etc.
If you need X-rays, CT scans, MRIs etc. You will be referred off campus for these types of tests. Coverage for these services is dependent on your insurance plan.
If indicated, you will be referred to specialty services, Neurology, GI, Cardiology, ENT, Orthopedics, etc. that are available off campus. Coverage for these services is dependent on your health insurance plan.


Payment is collected after your visit.

Pay Health Services