Administrative Assessment

The administrative assessment process revolves around division identified goals and objectives, which are operationalized into outcomes and assessed by units within the division. By placing assessment reporting and coordination at the division, the process creates alignment between the strategic planning, budgeting, and assessment. Ultimately, the goal is for:

  • Unit goals and objectives to tie directly to the college’s mission and strategic plan
  • Assessment to guide administrators with decision-making about their units.
  • Improvement of student learning and the student experience through meaningful planning and  assessment.

Administrative Self-Study and External Program Review

Manhattan College uses an external program review cycle in an effort to continuously improve administrative units for student success. Components include the following:

  • Self-study
  • Visit from a peer reviewer(s)
  • Recommendations
  • Considerations for action by College community
  • Implementation
  • Assessment of changes made

Self-study and External Program Review Schedule

Administrative Unit Self-Study and External Program Review Schedule


Self- study and External Program Review Guide

Self-study Report Template

External Program Review Visit Scheduling Template