Benefits Overview

Manhattan College provides a comprehensive benefit package for full-time faculty, administrators and staff.

Health/Major Medical/Hospitalization Insurance

The College offers two types of medical coverage that begin the first of the month after you have been employed:

  • Aetna PPO/Plan A – with in-network benefits @$20 co-pay and/or 100% coverage and out-of network benefits with a $300 individual/$600 family deductible and reimbursed at 70%
  • Aetna PPO/Plan B – with in-network benefits @$20 co-pay and/or 100% coverage and out-of network benefits with a $3,000 individual/$7,500 family deductible and reimbursed at 60%

The plan administrator for both of these plans is the Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust. Employees are responsible for some contribution to either plan.

Note: If you choose to decline the medical plan, the College will pay you an annual fee of $1,500, or $750 or $600 depending on your family status and proof of other coverage. One-fourth (¼) of this payment will be paid to you quarterly.

Dental Insurance

We provide dental insurance with the option to choose in-network dental providers or other private out-of-network dental providers. With in-network providers, there is no deductible, no maximum. With out-of-network providers there is a $50 deductible per person, $1,000 maximum payment per person per year. Basic services are covered at 80% of the UCR charge and major services at 50% of the UCR charge. Dental coverage begins the first of the month after completing three months of employment.

Health Advocate

Employees and their eligible family members who are currently enrolled in the Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust medical plan have access to the Health Advocate program. In addition to you, your spouse and dependent children, your parents and parents-in-law will also be covered under this program. This program will help you handle healthcare and insurance-related issues by cutting through the red tape and barriers that so often create frustration and problems.

Life Insurance & Accident Death and Dismemberment

The College provides a $50,000 group term life insurance policy and $50,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy. Coverage begins the first of the month after completing three months of employment. You have the option to purchase additional optional life insurance and the cost would depend on the volume of insurance you purchase.

Disabilities & Workers Compensation Insurance 

Coverage in accordance with New York State regulations.

Tuition Assistance: Staff

Full-time employees with three months or more of service may apply for full tuition remission, up to three courses each semester. After one year of employment, spouse and dependents receive half tuition remission, and after two years of service, full tuition remission (for spouse and dependents). Courses at Manhattan College only.

Tuition Assistance: Administrative/Faculty

Full-time administrative/faculty are entitled to tuition remission immediately, as are their spouses and dependents. Courses at Manhattan College only.

Tuition Exchange: Administrative/Faculty/Staff

We are a member of the Tuition Exchange Program. You are eligible to apply for the Tuition Exchange Program after completing two years of employment.


As an additional way to plan for retirement, a 403(b) tax-deferred annuity plan is available. Employees participate by authorizing monies obtained through payroll deductions to be invested in an individually selected, professionally managed portfolio. The deducted monies and the interest earned are tax exempt until the money is withdrawn.

Pension Plan

Manhattan College provides a defined contribution plan through TIAA-CREF for full-time employees. The employee contributes 3% or 5% of their salary. The employer contribution is based on 5% of the employee’s annual salary up to the social security wage base.

The College will increase the employer contribution to the pension plan for employees with 10 years of continuous full-time employment up to a maximum of 10%. The College contribution for salary above the social security wage base is 10%.

In calculating the years of service required to qualify for the 10% level of contribution by the College, the College shall grant credit for the ten years for any employee who has worked in an accredited degree granting institution of higher education for a minimum of 20 years of full-time service at the time of hire by the College (20 years of previous qualifying service to be counted as the equivalent of 10 years of Manhattan College service, with no partial credit for previous service). This credit shall apply for employees joining the College full time on or after July 1, 2008, the year the 10% contribution level became effective.

There is a two year waiting period to join the plan. However, time worked at other higher educational institutions can be used toward the two years, or if you have a TIAA-CREF contract in force you can join immediately.

Note: The above describes a brief summary of benefits and is subject to change.