Make an Appointment

You can make appointments online HERE and for assistance you can visit any of our locations (Thomas Hall 3.10; LEO 117/118) or call us at 718-862-7414 or email us at



  1. All tutoring sessions should be assumed to be individual tutorials. 
  2. Students who show up for a scheduled appointment more than 15 minutes late for a one-hour appointment, and 10 minutes late for a 30-minute appointment, will lose their appointment if someone else is waiting.
  3. Tutoring sessions are not to exceed (1) hour in length. 
  4. Students are allowed to book up to three (3) consecutive weekly appointments with any one tutor.
  5. Students are ONLY allowed to meet with one individual tutor one time per week (regardless of the course) for up to one hour per week. Beyond the one session per week with the tutor, students can see that tutor again as a walk-in only in that same week. Multiple appointments in the same week for the same course are allowed with different tutors.
  6. ONLY students registered for the appointment can meet with the tutor they were scheduled with. Other student cannot sit-in on a session if they weren’t registered for the appointment.
  7. Students should come prepared with necessary materials such as notes, computer, textbooks, etc. for their tutoring session.  
  8. All center locations are spaces for learning and quiet study.  Staff and students alike are expected to keep their voices at a low volume so as to not disrupt the learning of others.  In interest of maintaining a space free from distractions, students, tutors, and office staff are not to use cell phones.
  9. No tutoring sessions should be held outside of the regular hours of the CAS.


  1. Students with (3) cancellations, regardless of time of notification, will receive a warning email. Students with (4) cancellations or more, regardless of time of cancellation, will have appointment privileges revoked, and only allowed walk-in sessions.
  2. Students with (2) no shows will receive a warning email. Students with (3) no shows will have appointment privileges revoked, and only allowed walk-in sessions.