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The Center for Academic Success offers workshops, programs and events throughout the academic year.

Online Workshop: College 101 

College 101 is a self-paced online Moodle workshop designed to help students understand and adjust to college expectations in and out of the classroom. It is automatically provisioned to the Moodle accounts of all incoming students (new freshmen and transfers) the summer before their arrival on campus and remains available to them throughout their first year. It is also available for self-enrollment to all members of the College community. 

College 101 primarily contains activities, lessons and videos designed to inculcate attitudes and habits that support student success, such as self-reflection, decision-making, goal-setting, time management, and professionalism. It also hosts content on academic topics such as active reading, basic principles of college writing, and study skills. Faculty members are invited to submit subject-specific resources, such as style guides for their disciplines. Please reach out to with your submissions or questions about the workshop.

College 101 is also home to the online academic integrity workshop that Manhattan College students are required to take if they are found in violation of the College’s academic integrity policy.

The workshop employs a badging system to reward students for completing activities. Badges are named for the trait a person completing such an activity might display; for example, a student completing activities in the Goal-Setting module earns the Resolute badge. Certain badges can be redeemed for prizes, and all live on the student’s Moodle profile as evidence of activities completed. Professors at the College are encouraged to offer extra credit for completion of College 101 activities. 


College 101

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