Fall 2022 Updates

The Center for Academic Success will offer services in-person for the semester, with some remote offerings as well. You can view our schedule on Jasper Connect.  

Tutoring at the CAS

Tutoring is designed to support students with their courses by providing them with content-specific assistance. We offer one-on-one peer tutoring in most 100-200 level courses and select 300+ level courses across disciplines. Our tutors receive ongoing training according to the College Reading and Learning Association standards in order to achieve certification. By certifying our tutors, we ensure that all peer tutors are kept current regarding tutoring best practices.

In-Person Tutoring

Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are welcome when available. Students should look in their Courses channel in Jasper Connect to find tutors for their courses and to schedule appointments. For guidance on how to use the system, view the quick video below.  

schedule an Appointment 


Online Tutoring

Select tutors will offer online tutoring services. Students can schedule to meet virtually with these tutors anywhere they have an Internet connection. Students who want to make an online appointment need a laptop or tablet with a microphone and camera. Follow the same steps to make an appointment (please see the video above), but when scheduling an online appointment make sure to select 'Online via GoBoard' as the appointment's location (please refer to video below on how to access your online appoinment). All online sessions are by appointment only. 

schedule an online tutoring Appointment


Tutoring Policies

Appointment/Walk-In Policies 

  • All tutorial sessions are individual one-on-one tutorials. 
  • Students who show up for a scheduled appointment 15 minutes late for more or a one-hour session, and 10 or more minutes late for a thirty-minute session will be marked as a no-show and lose their appointment if someone else is waiting.
  • Students are ONLY allowed to meet with one individual tutor once per week (regardless of the course) for up to one hour per week. Beyond the one hour per week with the tutor, students can see that tutor again as a walk-in in that same week. Multiple appointments in the same week for the same course are allowed with different tutors. Appointments that break this policy will be canceled but not counted against a students total canceled appointments. 
  • Students are allowed a maximum number of three (3) appointments per center per week. 
  • Students should come prepared with necessary materials such as notes, computer, textbooks, etc. for their tutoring session. 
  • NO tutoring sessions are allowed to be held outside of regular hours of the CAS. 

Cancellation/No Show Policy (Per Semester)

  • Students with three (3) cancellations, regardless of time of notification, will receive a warning email. Students with (4) cancellations or more, regardless of time of cancellation, will have appointment privileges suspended. 
  • Students with one (1) no-show, will receive a warning email. Students with two (2) no-shows will have account privileges supended. 
  • In both instances students should contact a CAS administrator at success@manhattan.edu or in Thomas 3.10 to have their privileges reinstated.