• GrARTitude

    Group of students working on assignments in lounge area

    GrARTitude is an art therapy workshop inspired by NYC based artist and illustrator Mari Andrews. It is themed around gratitude and reflection and it was created as a way for students to find creative ways to express themselves through a variety of different exercises.

  • Love in the Dark

    love in the dark sign
    Love in the Dark is a Q&A panel where “sexperts” from the MC community answer students’ anonymous questions about sexual health and relationships. The discussion happens with the lights off and the room is filled with candles.
  • Slow Burn

    women center with students

    Slow Burn ignites conversation and community around stress, work, relationships, and burnout. Speakers from across campus -- faculty, students, and administrators -- tell personal stories about how they balance careers, relationships, families, and self-care, and open up about stress, exhaustion, and burnout.