The Women and Gender Resource Center centralizes resources for those experiencing gender-based violence or discrimination on campus. We are not a confidential resource; our staff are required to report cases of sexual misconduct to the campus Title IX office (please see below). If you come to us in crisis, we will:

  • remind you that we are mandated reporters, and offer to help you access confidential resources on-campus
  • invite you to breathe with us and offer support
  • ask for your consent to take notes
  • walk you through the reporting process, and offer to take you next door to Sheetal Kale’s office. Remember, while we have to report sexual misconduct, you can decline to follow up on that report.
  • offer you a support person through the reporting process
  • offer you and your community resources for supporting you
  • work with you to create the healing practices you need
  • support you in seeking community with other survivors 
Sexual Misconduct

The College strictly prohibits harassing, violent, intimidating or discriminatory conduct by its students, employees or any other member of or visitor to the College community. The LWGRC can support you through the process of reporting.

Report Sexual Misconduct
  • Counseling Center

    counseling center brochures
    The Manhattan College Counseling Center services are provided at no charge to help students reach their educational goals and work through any personal issues that are causing anxiety or distress. Regular office hours are 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., but evening appointments are also available by request.
  • Health Services

    Manhattan College

    The Health Services office provides students with urgent care for common minor illnesses and injuries. For serious or prolonged illnesses or injuries, students are referred to a local hospital or private physician.