Miscellaneous Employment


Job title: Babysitter – 9-22-17
Kristine Ross – Kristine@leggiadro.com
Job description: 
We are a local (North) Riverdale family with two young daughters, ages 3 and 1. We are looking for an experienced female babysitter who has experience with young children, and references. We would like this person to help out for evenings out, and occasional afternoons. Babysitting includes reading to the girls, playing at home, and putting them to bed. Please contact me if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – 9-20-17
Kelly – kelly.marin@manhattan.edu
Job description: Looking for an energetic and caring babysitter for two toddlers (3 yrs and 1 yr) on several Tuesday afternoons (3:00 – 5:30) and the occasional weekend evening. There is the potential for more hours if interested. References needed. Please contact me by email if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – 9-20-17
Caroline Berman – berman.caroline@yahoo.com
Job description: We are looking for a reliable babysitter to watch our 4 kids (ages 12, 10, 7, 4) from 5:00 PM until we get home from work. They get home from school at 5:30 PM and one of us will be home by 6:30 PM Monday through Thursday. The hours on Friday are from 1:30 PM-6:30 PM. We are looking for someone who can supervise them while they unwind from a long day at school. Our children are self-reliant and easygoing and we are looking for someone responsible, trustworthy and kind. We are in Central Riverdale.

Job title: Organizer – 9-20-17
Michelle Humi – 917-826-4119 
Job description: We are looking for someone to come in a few hours each week to help organize our house. This would include putting Toys away, organizing closets and drawers, and organizing pantry etc. If interested it may also include some babysitting.   If you have strong organizational skills and enjoy organizing houses please call. Flexible hours. 

Job title: Academic Tutors – 9-15-17
Alan Brown – abrown@testprepny.com
Job description: Academic Tutors Needed for After-School HS Program in the Bronx 10468.Seeking tutors to provide homework help in the Bronx area for an after school program. You will be tutoring High School students either 1 on 1 or in small groups.   The program/tutor help hours are weekdays 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm ONLY – We are flexible – you are not required to work every day if you want to arrange a schedule of set weekdays only. If interested please include a list of all subjects that you are able to tutor in. Don't miss this opportunity to inspire students, apply today. Send brief resume & contact phone number and the days you are available from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Email if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – 9-15-17
Rachel - rachb112@gmail.com – 917-579-7134
Job description: Looking for a warm and very responsible part-time babysitter for after-school care for two preschoolers in Riverdale, Bronx. Also, separately looking for someone who is available to cover daytime hours occasionally (i.e. on days when one or both kids are missing school).   Strong references are needed.  Please contact me by text or email. one or both kids are missing school).   Strong references are needed.  Please contact me by text or email

 Job title: Parent’s Helper – 9-15-17
Kea Myers – myredenvelope@gmail.com
Job description: Super busy family of five near Riverdale Country Day School, looking for Parent’s Helper: we need an extra set of hands to help with afterschool/school pickups and drop offs, and/or meeting the school bus, occasional cooking (and cleaning up!) for snack/lunch making/packing & unpacking, dinner (or finding great take out!) laundry (and not letting clean clothes live in the laundry basket!), bath and bedtime routine. Soccer, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Swimming, doctor’s appointments, parent conferences, school events—we need reliable coverage! Ideally M-F 3:30pm-8:30pm, but could do with just Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Occasional late evenings/weekends if we manage to get a date night, and potential for weekend and longer International travel if it’s the right fit. Contact us if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – 9-12-17
Katerina – 347-439-5470
Job description: 
I'm a Manhattan College alumni (class of 2001) currently looking for a babysitter for my 2 kids (ages 11 and 3 and a half) for Friday and Saturday nights, but also possibly other weeknights and Sundays. We are located in North Riverdale. Please call if interested.

Job title: P/T Teacher Aide/Group Leader- posted 9-12-17
 Kristy Leader – KLeader@riverdaleonline.org 
Job description: Riverdale Neighborhood House is hiring part-time Teacher Aides and Group Leaders to work with Preschool and Elementary School aged children from approximately 2:00pm-6pm Monday-Friday. If interested email resume.

Job title: Babysitter – 9-12-17
Joelle – joellegb3@gmail.com
Job description: 
Looking for a babysitter for 2 boys ages 5 and 7 in South Riverdale who can also drive the 5 year old who has Down Syndrome to or back from School in Westchester. Can be one or a few days a week, can be two hours in the morning and/or a few hours in the afternoon and potentially on a Sunday too. Great opportunity for someone who is studying Special education. Please contact me if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – 9-11-17
Mandy Sun – mingdisun08@gmail.com – 917-214-7218
Job description:
I am looking for a baby sitter for a 9 year old girl. Baby sitting on most of Tuesday evening, some Fridays, and Weekends. She needs to be responsible and punctual. Having a good driving record is a plus but not necessary, as I might need help picking up my daughter from after school activities. References are needed. Please email.

Job Title: After school Babysitter- 9-8-17
Contact: Brenda Gray– brendald@aol.com – 917-204-9886
Description: I'm looking for after school help for my two art loving, swim crazy, outdoorsy girls (7 & 9). Job is school pick up, homework help, and escorting them to activities. A driver’s license is needed. A car is optional but preferred. We are looking for someone loving, yet strong enough to help them get their work done. Must be self-motivated and able to troubleshoot if there is a problem. It would be great if you had a piano or art background, and/or loved the great outdoors us much as we do. We have a lovely cat named Toulouse. School Days, Monday-Friday: 2:10 p.m.  - 6:10 p.m. Monday could run later. Other hours possible. Could split the job for two people or make the job 4 days a week. Located in central Riverdale within walking distance from the college.

Job Title: Spanish-speaking Babysitter/Nanny- 9-8-17
Cristina – cristinacamilleperez@gmail.com
I’m looking for a Spanish-speaking babysitter/nanny who can take care of a baby twice a week in the afternoons for 3 hours. Flexible in terms of exact days and times. Our schedule can also be flexible during finals, holidays, etc. References and experience with 3-4 months old a must. We are in located in the Central Riverdale area, walking distance from the college.

Job Title: Assistance with elderly parent– posted 9-8-17
Contact: Jonathan Schachter@gmail.com – 917-856-5554
Description: I am looking for assistance with my father, who turns 90 next month.  He lives within walking distance of the College.  What I have in mind is a few hours on weekend afternoons and evenings.  If interested, please reach out to me.

Job Title: 8th Grade Math Tutor– posted 9-8-17
Contact: Michelle Humi-DeFunis – 917-826-4119
Description: We are looking for a College or Graduate student to tutor our 8th grade daughter in Math - advanced Algebra.  Our daughter is extremely motivated and takes a lot of pride in excelling in her work. We are looking for someone who can explain concepts well, provide her with confidence, and additional practice problems if needed. Begin as soon as possible. If interested please e-mail.

Job Title: Babysitter– posted 9-8-17
Contact: Daveda Lipman – 917-224-7816
Description: My husband and I are looking for an afternoon babysitter for our school aged son. Responsibilities would include meeting the school bus, assistance with homework and preparing snacks.  Mondays through Thursdays 3:30 until 6:30 and Fridays 2-4. Please contact me via text.


Job Title: Babysitter – posted 9-5-17
Contact: Noah Borenstein – noahb34@yahoo.com
Description: Looking for a responsible babysitter for my two kids (7 and 5 yrs old) after school, Mon-Thurs, 3:45-6 (Wednesday nights will be until 6:45). Days are somewhat flexible right now. Job includes: picking them up from the bus stop, helping with homework and dinner, light house work (laundry, dishes, cooking). Please email me if you are interested.

Job Title: Tutor – posted 9-5-17
Contact: Sheila Yu-Chen - sheilayuchen@yahoo.com  -646-725-7757 
Description: College student to help 9th, 10th and 11th graders at home (North Riverdale area). Prefer tutor that is strong in high school math (Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-calculus and Trigonometry) and able to explain concepts well so that the children can understand. Provide support and feedback in English Language Arts such as essay writing and reading comprehension. May also be asked to provide assistance in other subjects in need of improvement. Must be patient and enjoy working with kids. Pay is $23 per hour. Scheduling: To begin as soon as possible.  Specific days of the week are to be determined. If interested, please email.

Job Title: Store Assistant – posted 9-5-17
Contact: Chi Tang – menb692@gmail.com
Description: I was looking to hire another team member at my store, Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, on Johnson Ave. and I was wondering if you would be able to post something for me? The job includes working at the cash register; maintain the front of the store, and prepping in the back. I am looking for someone who would be available two or three days a week. I just ask that they send their resume and availability to this email address. Thank you in advance.

Job Title: Dog Walkers – posted 9-5-17
Contact: Ron – info@wellroundedhound.com
Job description: Seeking new dog walkers, one full time and one part time job available in Riverdale. Requires physical fitness, patience and compassion, and a love of nature. Contact Ron @ info@wellroundedhound.com .

Job Title: Mothers Helper – posted 9-5-17
Shaniqua Polanco – 97spolanco@gmail.com
Job description: 
Family in Yonkers, is looking for a local Mother's Helper, we live close to College of Mount Saint Vincent, in the Bronx. Days: Sun, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Saturday. Hours: 7:30-8:30am and 5-7pm weekdays, 1-7pm Saturday and Sunday. Must be flexible as days and hours change based on work schedule and kids activities. Task: drop-off and pick-up to and from school and after school/ weekend activities. Give kids dinner/snacks, run errands and light tiding up and organizing. Licensed driver with car a plus, but not mandatory. Salary: $12-15 an hour. Email if interested. 


Job Title: Part-time Companion – 8-28-17
Job Contact: Sonya Sones - cookiesss@aol.com
Job description: My 72-year-old sister Diane is in a hospice facility in the Bronx, with failing kidneys. The thing she misses the most about the group home she used to live in, are her art classes. I am looking for someone who can hang out with my sister a few days a week, doing uncomplicated art projects with her. Or maybe just read to her or have lunch together, depending on her energy level. Her previous aid did embroidery, sketching, painting, and made collages with Diane. No fancy artistic skills required just a sunny disposition, and a kind and patient heart.  Diane might also want the person to pick up lunch or dinner, in Riverdale, which is just around the corner, and share a meal or a treat with her, or maybe a game of scrabble. My sister has mental illness (schizoaffective disorder), so it would need to be someone who was sensitive to that. She can be delusional at times, and at other times seems as sane as you or I. She only wants a woman's help. The days and hours could be shifted to work with your schedule. But two or three hours a day would be lovely, as many days a week as you would like. If interested please email.


Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-28-17
Contact: Shira – 347-882-7279
Job description: I am looking for an afternoon babysitter, 3 pm - 5:30 pm daily. Job includes picking up my two girls from school in central Riverdale and taking them home (literally up the stairs). Please contact me if interested.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-28-17
Contact: Mandy Sun – 917-214-7218
Job description: I am looking for a babysitter for a 9 year old girl, occasionally on weekday evenings and every Saturday. She needs to be responsible, punctual, and have a good driving record. 1 year plus experience with kids. References are needed. If interested please call.

Job Title: Afterschool Babysitter – posted 8-28-17
Contact: Victoire Girard - text 646.250.6059 -  victoiregirard@gmail.com 
Job description: We are looking for an after school babysitter Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00pm-8.00pm (sometimes later + evening babysitting) for our 2 daughters French / American 10 year old and 7 year old. Responsibilities include picking girls up from school in Harlem, helping with homework, preparing dinner and clean up. Must be dependable and responsible. Our kids are easy going and fairly self-reliant. Position is in Riverdale. No car required, will provide metro card for the rides. If interested, please text or email. 

Job Title: Babysitterposted 8-28-17
Tovah Aronin – 2tovah@gmail.com
Job description: 
I am looking for a regular babysitter for my 5-year-old on Thursdays starting immediately. The start time is flexible, either 3:30 or 4:45. End time would be 6:30-6:45. I live in Central Riverdale.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-28-17
Contact: Jen Gartner-Soto – 917-297-4523 –jengartner@gmail.com
Job description: We are looking for responsible, energetic and creative babysitter to pick up our 4.5 year old son from kindergarten at P.S. 24 four-five days/week and watch him in our South Riverdale apartment.  Hours are 2:20pm - approximately 7:00pm.  Babysitter will provide fun and engaging activities, assist with school work and dinner prep. $15/hour.  Please contact if interested.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-25-17
Contact: Josh Binstock – josh.binstock@gmail.com
Job description: Family in North Riverdale seeking babysitter for occasional babysitting for our adorable 2 year old. We will also likely need a babysitter for 1 evening a week beginning in mid-October. This can be the same person or two different people. Looking for someone who is responsible, dependable, flexible, and willing to get down and play. References required.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-25-17
Contact:  Adina Goldbert – adinagolberg107@gmail.com – 716-984-2682
Job description: Looking for a student who is able to watch my 2 children (2 & 3 years old) after school. Days and hours are Tuesday 3:30-7, Thursdays (4-7) and Fridays (12:30-4). We are located in Riverdale. Contact me if available for any or all of those times.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-25-17
Contact:   Miriam Hulkower (646)335-2748 -mba1286@gmail.com
Job description: We are looking for a babysitter for our one year old son for 4 hours a week to fill in a few gaps in our schedule. Hours: 10:30am - 12:30pm Tuesdays and Fridays during fall semester. Salary is $15/hour (total $60.00). We have a private home in North Riverdale on Arlington Ave, near 254th street. Parking is available and public transportation Bx10 and Bx7 stop 2 blocks away.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-25-17
Contact:  Sandra Grosberg - 516-286-8804
Job description: We are searching for a babysitter who can pick up our 11 month old son, Aaron, from daycare at 4:30 PM and walk him home to our apartment in Central Riverdale which is about a 10 minute walk from the daycare. At home we would like the babysitter to begin the evening routine which includes playtime and dinner and wait for myself or my husband to get home which will be around 7 PM.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-25-17
Contact:  Emily Meisner – emilymeisner@yahoo.com
Job description: Looking for a responsible and warm babysitter for my two kids (7 and 5 years old) after school, Mon-Fri, 4-6 pm. There is some flexibility in the days. Job includes: greeting them at the bus (in our lobby), helping with homework and dinner, light house work (dishes, cooking). Please email if you are interested.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-25-17
Contact:  Pami Shamir – pshamir2001@gmail.com
Job description: Looking for a responsible and fun babysitter for my son (9) after school, Wed 3:15-5:45 and Fri 3:15-5:15. Job includes: picking him up from school (two blocks away from Manhattan College), bringing him home (walking distance to school), supervising homework, preparing dinner, and shuttling him to soccer practice. Car would be nice, but not a necessity. Please email if you are interested.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-25-17
Contact: Miriam Weiler - miriamsweiler@gmail.com
Job description: In search of babysitter in South Riverdale for Friday afternoons - 1:30-5:30 pm (approximately) for a 4.5 year old boy. You will be expected to play with my son, do art projects, visit library, attend play-dates, go to park, play outside and maybe change him into PJs at end of day. Must be loving, responsible and warm, have experience with school-aged children, excellent communication skills, ability to take direction from parents. Please provide 2 references.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-25-17
Contact: Danielle - 646-644-0136 - danielle999@gmail.com
Job description: Local family looking for responsible student to pick up 6  year old girl from Riverdale Y between 5 and 5:30 pm and bring her to Father’s apartment near West 125th street by car or subway to arrive no later than 6 pm every Thursday. Position begins Thursday September 7, 2017 and lasts until June  21, 2018.  Additional hours available on school holidays, sick days and during the summer of 2018. If schedule allows, student could also provide babysitting Monday – Wednesday picking child up from Riverdale Y between 6 and 6:30 pm, escorting to home in Riverdale and staying until mother arrives home from work between 6:30 pm and 7 pm. Rate negotiable. Qualifications: experience with school age children, friendly, responsible, energetic; comfortable using NYC bus and subway system and traveling with children and/or clean driving record and safe reliable car.  Fluent in English.


Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-10-17
Contact: Amy Heller – amyheller@gmail.com
Job description: Looking for a responsible babysitter for my two kids (7 and 5 years old) after school, Mon-Thurs, 3:45-6 (Wednesday nights will be until 6:45). Days are somewhat flexible right now. Job includes: picking them up from the bus stop, helping with homework and dinner, light house work (laundry, dishes, cooking). Please email if you are interested.

Job Title: Afterschool Babysitter – posted 8-10-17
Contact: Andrea Plotkin, text 646-271-1070 or email andrea.plotkin@gmail.com
Job description: We are looking for an after school babysitter Monday-Thursday 2:55- 6:30 and Friday 2-5:30 (Fridays are flexible) for our 9 year old and 11 year old. Responsibilities include picking kids up from school, taking them to various activities/playdates, helping with homework, preparing dinner and clean up. Must be dependable and responsible. Our kids are easy going and fairly self-reliant. Position is in Riverdale. No car required, we live within walking distance of school. If interested, please text or email. 

Job Title: Homework Helper/Childcare Provider – posted 8-10-17
Contact: Elizabeth Repoli cell - 917.848.0294 or elizabeth.repoli@gmail.com
Job description: Local Riverdale family looking for someone to pick up our 10 year old daughter at school at 3:15PM (Upper East Side) 2 - 3 days/week (flexibility on days) and bring her back to Riverdale. Position would also involve assisting with homework. Travel time to school for pick up will be included as time worked.  Transportation costs will be paid for by family. Requirements: Experience working with school aged children. Familiarity and comfort using mass transit (i.e. express bus, subway, local city buses). Must enjoy the idea of hanging out with a thoughtful, creative, and funny 10 year old a few times a week.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-9-17
Contact: Amy - (skversal@gmail.com)
Job Description: We are looking for an experienced babysitter to bring our son back and forth to pre-school on West 120th street from Waldo Avenue in Riverdale. Drop off to school is at 8:30-8:45 am and pickup is at 5:00 pm. The door-to-door trip by subway is approximately 45 minutes. In every two-week period the schedule is as follows: Week #1: Pick up Friday (5:00 pm), Week #2: Drop off Monday (8:30-8:45 am), Pick up Wednesday (5:00 pm), Drop off Thursday (8:30-8:45 am), Pick up Thursday (5:00 pm), Drop off Friday (8:30-8:45 am). Payment will be for an hour each trip. Payment is competitive. References required. Additional hours are possible if desired.

 Job Title: Afterschool Babysitter – posted 8-9-17
Contact: Wendy Shulman – Wendihome@yahoo.com or text 646-425-8512
Job description: We are looking for an afterschool babysitter for two kids, ages 7 and 10. Hours are Monday through Friday 2:00 - 6:30pm. Responsibilities include picking kids up from school, taking them to various activities, helping with homework, preparing dinner and supervising showers and clean up. Must be dependable and responsible. If you are interested or have referrals please email.


Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-3-17
Contact: missyinnyc@hotmail.com
Job description: We are looking for a babysitter to take care of our amazing daughters who are 5 and 7 1/2 years old!  We need someone who is energetic, loves kids, will help with homework, feed them meals, help with bath time and enjoy spontaneous dance parties! The hours will be 2pm-8pm, Monday through Friday.  This job is in Riverdale. Please reach out via email if you are interested.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 8-3-17
Contact: Abigail Martin - abigailjanco@gmail.com – Text (518)225-0201
Job description: Babysitter wanted for Wednesdays from roughly 1-6:30 and occasionally other times as well for twin 2.5 year old identical girls who live across from the college.  Must love dogs as well.  Email or text to set up an interview. 

Job Title: Babysitter/Nanny – posted 8-3-17
Contact: Alana - alanakesselman@gmail.com
Job description: Seeking a babysitter/nanny for a very happy and energetic toddler boy in northern New Rochelle on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 11:45am-5:30 p.m. Toddler is in nursery school until 11:45 a.m. We prefer someone who drives and can pick him up and bring him home. Mom works from home. Start date within weeks.  Light housekeeping, meal prep and laundry are required. Would prefer someone with a car and who is comfortable with dogs (we do not have a dog, but occasionally watch one). Applicant should enjoy outdoor activities, have a lot of energy to play with and entertain toddler and enjoy cuddling. Phone interview and in-person will be scheduled for serious applicants. References will be requested and background check ran. CPR/First aid certification a plus.

Job Title: Tutor and Sitter – posted 8-2-17
Contact: msynek@nyc.rr.com
Job description: Looking for tutor and sitter for 9 year old living in Riverdale near Key Foods. He would need someone to take him to school at St Gabriel's three days a week and pick him up from school at 3 and help him complete homework. The hours are from 3 to 5:30 Monday thru Friday. If possible weekend studying sessions would be great. Can start now on weekends. School starts Sept. 7. Walking is the transportation method with Uber possible if weather demands.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 7-31-17
Contact: Miriam Weiler - miriamsweiler@gmail.com
 Job description: Seeking an afternoon babysitter in South Riverdale for 15 hours a week, starting in September. Pay on the books at $15/hour, but possibility for a raise. Hours are Monday – Thursday 4:30 – 6:30 and can be slightly adjusted. The schedule starts at 4:30, pick up baby and toddler from daycares (two separate sites, a few blocks from each other) and walk home (10 minute walk), at 5:30 meet 5 year old at home, at 5:45 help Mom and/or grandmother serve dinner to 3 children and clean up, at 6:30 help Mom prepare children for bedtime. On Friday from 1:30 – 6:30 meet older child at bus, give snacks, do activities and sometimes help pick up other children. Experience with babies and children under five, as well as babysitting multiple children, good English and communication skills, and willingness to take direction from parents. Must be genuinely warm and have interest in children. Please email if interested.

Job Title: Babysitter – posted 7-27-17
Contact: Kim – kimkodonnell@gmail.com – (828)712-9972
Job description: Looking to hire a reliable babysitter for one or two days a week for about 4 hours, as well as occasional evenings. We are flexible with scheduling and are located close to Manhattan College. Must have experience with toddlers (our child is 1) and good references. Please contact Kim at email or phone.

Job Title: Part-time babysitter – posted 7-27-17
Contact: Sara Bellis - sbellis127@gmail.com
Job description: We are seeking a part-time babysitter to watch two boys (9 and 4) every week for 2-3 hours on one TBD weekday evening (after 4:30). We live in Fieldston, extremely close to campus, a very easy walk. Additionally, we'd like someone who could watch all three of our boys (9, 7 and 4) for one evening a week, but we can work with your schedule. Pay is competitive.


Job title: Childcare– posted 7-20-17
 Roni Radcliffe – 347-263-3908 -roniradcliffe@yahoo.com 
Job description: My 7 year old son attends Horace Mann located at 4440 Tibbett Ave, Bronx, NY 10471, a 5minute walking distance from my work at Fieldstone Lower School. I am seeking childcare to pick up my son from school at 3:15pm and walk him over to my job at Fieldstone. At that time I will be outside waiting for him. The walk is literally less than 10 minutes. This is a part time position 4 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday starting at 3:15pm and dropping him off to me by 3:30pm. The pay is $10 a day, beginning Wednesday September 9th 2017 and ending Friday June 8th 2018. Please call or email if interested.

Job title: Nanny– posted 7-19-17
 Natalie Barth – nataliebarth@gmail.com 
Job description: Upper East Side family looking for afternoon/evening nanny for twin 12 year old boys.  Live-out, Mon to Fri 3:30-10:30pm.  Includes homework supervision, cooking dinner, light housekeeping, escorting boys to activities and running errands.  Must be mature and able to handle pre-teen boys, organized, able to cook dinner, willing to tidy up, comfortable navigating NYC and capable and interested in overseeing NYC private school homework.  Must be fluent in English with strong communication skills.  Position starts 9/5.  Qualified candidates email resume.

 Job title: Part-time Babysitter– posted 7-13-17
 Nipa – (917)204-8962 
Job description: Looking for an experienced babysitter in Riverdale. Must be reliable and experienced to look after our very active 21 months old son. Knowing CPR is a plus. Should know how to handle tantrums. Please have a few awesome references. Will pay $12/hour. If interested please call.

Job title: After School Babysitter– posted 7-5-17
 Elana Weinberger – (917)887-9244 
Job description: Seeking an after-school babysitter for 2 kids (ages 6 and 9) and small puppy. Hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, 3:30-7:30 and home is located up the street from Manhattan College in Riverdale. College/graduate student or young adult able to help with homework ideal. Hebrew speaking a plus but not necessary. Must commit for full academic year September-June. Please text me if interested.

Job title: Full-time Summer Babysitter– posted 6-6-17
 Megan – 215-275-1475 – megan.peppel@gmail.com
Job description: We are looking for a full-time sitter to watch one or two (to be determined in coordination with the student) babies who are ~7 months old. We are located near Riverdale Ave and W 235th Street in a safe, walkable, and transit accessible neighborhood near public libraries, cafes, parks, gardens. Free onsite parking is available if a student plans to drive to the job. We are looking for someone for approximately 35-40 weekday hours per week for the summer (additional hours could be available if of interest to the student), Monday-Friday from approximately 9:15am-5:15pm. We have some flexibility regarding specific days and hours, so could work with the student to find a schedule that works well for both parties and that reasonably accommodates the student's other commitments. Start and end dates are negotiable and the position could include some fall hours if desired. We are looking for someone who is responsible, enjoys playing/talking/reading/singing with children, and who communicates well with us as parents. Knowledge of child / baby safety and experience caring for young children / babies are a plus. We are a bilingual (English/Spanish) family, so would welcome someone who speaks Spanish or Portuguese or who would like to practice those languages over the summer, though this is not a requirement. Pay is $10-15/hour, depending on experience, qualifications, availability, and number of children watched.

Job title: Algebra Tutor– posted 6-1-17
 Elissa Slavin – 646-302-2851 
Job description: I am looking for a student who could do some review for the upcoming Algebra 1 regents with my son.

Job title: P/T & F/T Restaurant Staff– posted 5-25-17
Job description: The Park View Restaurant is now hiring Part time & Full Time Waiters, Servers, Bus Boy & Coffee Baristas etc. Please email resume if interested.

Job title: Babysitter– posted 5-25-17
 Alyssa Klapper – klapperster@gmail.com 
Job description: Seeking energetic and fun part-time babysitter in central Riverdale (246th st).  Hours and days flexible, ideally beginning at 3-7 pm, one or more days a week.  Earlier hours also available beginning at the end of June.   Fun friendly family with four children.  Lifeguard and CPR training preferred.  Please email with experience and references.

Job title: Part-time Babysitter – posted 5-16-17
 Kindra Okafor – kindranhanson@gmail.com 
Job description: Bronx family needs a part-time babysitter for 2 year old son. We would prefer someone who could help out with light housekeeping. You'll be responsible for some pickups and drop-offs. Some help preparing meals would be ideal. Occasional assistance with laundry would be great. Bonus points if you're studying child development and have a driver’s license. We'd like someone who enjoys arts & crafts and who likes being active and outdoors. Must be kind, caring, and compassionate with a fun imagination. Strong english language skills. Lots of energy, a good hug giver, and who truly loves kids far beyond a paycheck. Located 166 & Grand Concourse. Salary $15/hour, 25 – 30 hours a week with potential for more.

Job title: Childcare – posted 5-11-17
Contact: Jean – jeanmlane@gmail.com – 917-414-0865
Job description: We are looking for someone who can pick up our 6 year old at Riverdale Neighborhood House summer camp Monday-Friday at 5:00p and bring her home to Spuyten Duyvil.  Tuesdays & Thursdays she will need to be picked up from Van Cortlandt Park tennis courts at noon and dropped at camp.  When home, she'll need to be fed, bathed and prepped for bedtime.  She has an older 12 year old sister who can be of great assistance.  Seeking someone who is comfortable on NYC mass transit as occasionally she will need to be taken downtown for modeling and commercial auditions or bookings.  Interesting work for those who like to be on a photo or commercial set.  Seeking someone who is flexible because the work is sporadic (parents are freelancers so many times we are home but sometimes receive notice for work the day before).  Drivers with clean driving record a plus.  Call or email Jean for application and to schedule an interview.

Job title: Lifeguard – posted 5-2-17
Contact: Dov Weinstock – 917-848-8914 – dov.weinstock@nycadvantage.com
Job description: Lifeguard positions available at the Alderbrook Pool, an outdoor pool in Riverdale, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Must be certified.Please see www.alderbrookpool.com for pool information.

 Job title: Summer Babysitter – posted 5-2-17
Contact: Michelle Singer Osband – mes334@gmail.com - *contact email updated
Job description: We are looking for a summer babysitter in Riverdale - end of May through beginning of September to help watch our sweet 1 year old twin boys and 4 year old son (who will be in school/camp most of the day). We need someone ideally Monday-Friday from 3-6pm and some days would be additional hours depending on our needs. We are looking for someone trustworthy and kind who can take them to the park, play, read and help feed/bathe. We also have a pool in our building, so it would be a plus if you know how to swim - but not a requirement! Please contact me if you are interested. 

Job title: Tutor – Posted 5-2-17
Contact: Sheila Yu-Chen – sheilayuchen@yahoo.com – 646-725-7757
Job description: College student needed to help 8th, 9th, and 10th graders at home in North Riverdale. Prefer tutor strong in high school math (Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Cal and Trigonometry) and able to explain concepts well. Provide support and feedback in English Language Arts such as essay writing and reading comprehension. May also be asked to provide assistance in other subjects in need of improvement. Must be patient and enjoy working with children. Pay is $23/hour. Scheduling to begin as soon as possible as well as over the summer. Specific days of the week will be determined. If interested please contact me.

Job title: Part-time Assistant – posted 5-2-17
Contact: Charity Njau - njaucharity@gmail.com
Job description: Local Riverdale resident seeking part time assistant to help with archival collection. 3 -4 hours per week - this can be divided into 2 sessions. Person must be intelligent and pleasant, good filing and organizational skills, computer literate, good penmanship. A letter of recommendation and interview required. To start immediately at a rate of $10/hour. Walking distance to the college. If interested please send resume.