Miscellaneous Employment


Job title: Tutor - posted 3/24/17 
Contact: Janet Rosenthal – chana8@gmail.com
Job description: - I am looking for a tutor to help a college freshman in cultural anthropology. This individual should be able to help organize well written essays and understand anthropological readings by Malinowski, Mead and Fabian. I live in Riverdale, walking distance from the school. Please email for further information. 

Job title: Babysitter - posted 3/20/17 
Contact: Aaron Lipskar – alipskar@yahoo.com - 347-463-5507
Job description: - We are looking for an experienced babysitter to help care for our 3 daughters (ages 6, 11 and 13) after school (approximately 4pm-8pm) 2 or 3 days/week. Responsibilities would include meeting the bus, occasional homework help and dinner preparation. We live right down the street from Manhattan College, so it's an easy commute. Our girls don't have any special needs, but are rambunctious and fun loving, so we are looking for someone energetic. Also, we have two small dogs (12 and 15 lbs., respectively), and they will be around the house. We are willing to pay $15-$20/hour depending on experience. Please call or text us if interested.

Job title: Part-time Childcare - posted 3/20/17 
Contact: Adam Packard – adam.packard@gmail.com -917-575-1648
Job description: - Looking for a responsible individual for part-time child care in Riverdale.  Job description: Child care for two children ages 5 and 7. Monday to Thursday, 2:30 – 7:00 p.m. and Friday 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.  Pickup children from local school keep children busy (at home and, weather permitting, at park) and serve the children dinner. Responsibilities also include bringing children to occasional play dates and local after school activities. Ideally, we are looking for someone who can commit to all the above days of the week, but are flexible if only certain days of the week are available. If interested please call.

Job title: AP Chemistry Tutor - posted 3/20/17 
Contact: Fatima – 914-562-3811
Job description: - Seeking a student to tutor my daughter, who is in 11th grade, in AP chemistry. We live in Riverdale, so she can meet you locally or you can come to our place. Rate is negotiable. Her class lost their teacher so we're looking to start as soon as possible. If interested please call.

Job title: Babysitter - posted 3/20/17 
Contact: Renee – drenee@gmail.com
Job description: - I am looking for a babysitter for my 3 girls in central Riverdale. Girls are 5, 7 and 9, and I'm looking for someone fun that likes kids to be with them when they come home from school. Hours: Monday 3-6, Wednesday 3-8, Thursday 3-6. Hours can be flexible, and some extra evenings and weekends are also possible. Responsibilities include preparing dinner and keeping the house neat. Please email if interested.

Job title: Babysitter - posted 3/15/17 
Contact: Rebecca Ostro Nagata – rnagata@saracademy.org
Job description: - I am looking for a responsible, patient and fun babysitter for my three children (twin girls who are almost 7 and 4.5 year old boy) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 6:30 in Riverdale. Evening flexibility is a plus, as sometimes I have meetings and could use help later in the evenings as well. Responsibilities include: meeting kids at the bus stop at 3:30, walking home from bus stop, assisting with homework, dinner (light prep and clean up), baths, bedtime and other child related duties. Candidate should have references that can speak to their character, sense of responsibility and childcare experience. If interested please email, $17/hr.

Job title: C++ Computer Programmer Tutor - posted 3/13/17 
Contact: Peter Duffy -  peterduffy@yahoo.com
Job description: - Manhattan College graduate seeking part time C++ computer programmer tutor. $25/hour for 2 hours once or twice a week. Will come to campus library for tutoring. Have knowledge of BAL – IBM Basic Assembler Language. If interested please email.

Job title: Dog Walker - posted 3/10/17 
Contact: Shannon Murtha -  shamurtha@gmail.com
Job description: - My husband and I live in the Fieldston neighborhood of Riverdale and are looking for a dog walker for our 4 year old French Bulldog, to provide a midday 20-30 minute walk typically 4 days a week, Tuesdays through Fridays.  The ideal candidate would be reliable, trustworthy, patient (he can be a bit stubborn, we would coach you on how best to motivate him!) and love dogs. Interested candidates should contact me to set up a meeting.

Job title: Summer Babysitter - posted 3/1/17 
Contact: Joanna Tellis – joannatellis@gmail.com
Job description: - We are a Riverdale family with two school age boys (8 and 5 years old) looking for a summer babysitter for full days (approximately 8 am to 6 pm) from late June or early July through mid-August. We are looking for someone who lives in the area or is staying around for the summer, has experience with kids (preferably previous summer babysitting experience), and can provide references upon request. The ideal candidate will be excited to engage with our children and provide them with a fun summer. Interested candidates should contact me.

Job title: Nanny - posted 2/27/17 
Contact: John McLaughlin – Johnnymclauglin@gmail.com
Job description: - Expecting parents are looking for a nanny to start in November 2017. We are looking for a student taking night classes, who is interested in working 40 hours a week, over 4 days. Our baby is due in mid-July, so they will be about 4 months old. Hours would be from 6:30am-4:30pm at our apartment in the neighborhood of Manhattan College. Both parents are educators who value the skills that an education student would offer and we believe that this is a great experience for future educators. We are looking for a caring, experienced nanny to support the growth of our child and maybe a little bit of light cleaning and laundry.

Job title: Babysitter - posted 2/27/17 
Contact: Ariel Weiner – arielgweiner@gmail.com
Job description: - I am looking for a responsible, communicative, and engaging babysitter for my three children ages 11, 9 and 7 on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 3pm-8pm in Riverdale.  Candidates must have their own car and have a clean driving record. Responsibilities include: assisting with school pick up, after school activities, dinner, and other child-related duties. Candidate should feel comfortable working in a home with a small dog and should have references that can speak to their character, sense of responsibility and childcare experience. If interested please email. $20/hr.

Job title: Essay Assistance - posted 2/27/17 
Contact: Janet Rosenthal – 917-328-2573
Job description: - I am looking for someone to help my college freshman daughter with a 5 page essay in cultural anthropology. The paper is due March 7, 2017. We live in Riverdale, within walking distance from the campus. However, I am willing to provide transportation. Please call if you are interested.

Job title: Party Entertainer - posted 2/27/17 
Contact: Ariana Rodon – Ariana@tomatis.com.ar
Job description: - Looking for an entertainer for my daughter’s birthday (she is turning 5). Party size: no more than 10 girls, (5-10 years of age). Enthusiastic, warm and a friendly student who is willing to be a Disney Princess and to make a birthday special. I am renting Elsa/Frozen costume. Date: March 11th from 6pm to 6:45pm $40. I will be providing props for activities such as reading a story, singing/dancing and taking pictures).

Job title: Babysitter - posted 2/10/17 
Contact: Kate Doscher – katielh@gmail.com
Job description: - Looking for babysitter for my two year old son in Riverdale. Specifically looking for Friday 02/24 and some Saturday nights thereafter.

Job title: Nanny - 2/10/17
Contact: Nicole Wallace - nicoledcewallace@gmail.com
Job description: - In urgent need of a new nanny for my three month old daughter. Must be available 10hrs/week (times flexible) until end of March, and then 20hrs/week beginning in April. I work from home most days (Sedgwick & 238th) and would prefer to keep my current work schedule of MWF 12-3:30pm but am willing to change times depending on the nanny. Please don't apply unless you are comfortable with only working 10hrs/week. I and my daughter need someone reliable that can stick with us for a few months.

Job title: Babysitter - posted 2/10/17 
Contact: – Rochelle Levy - rugelach00@aol.com – 917-533-1051
Job description: - Looking for a part time babysitter to start immediately to pick up my toddler from the Riverdale Y Mon-Fri from 3 till 6:30PM.

Job title: Date Night Sitter - posted 2/17/17 
Contact: – Ellen McGlinchey - emcglinchey@gmail.com
Job description: - We are looking for a semi-regular Friday and/or Saturday night sitter to come hang out in our apartment while our 2 boys (ages 6 and 2) are asleep for most of the time. Most evenings will be 7-10p and payment for those hours will be $40. We are looking for 3 evenings per month, with some flexibility on which days. We live on 231st Street, east of the highway. Please contact me for more details. 

Job title: Tutor - posted 2/3/17 
Contact: Victoria Oziel – Vikis527@aol.com
Job description: - I am looking for a tutor for my 5 year old son. He needs help in reading skills asap. 3-4 times a week in the evening. Flexible with hours. $20.00 per session.

Job title: Driver - posted 2/3/17 
Contact: Jennifer Dymerets – 917-921-9738
Job description: - I am looking for a responsible student with a car to drive my two children (ages 9 and 11) from their different after school programs in Riverdale to our home, also in Riverdale, several evenings per week. Pick up locations vary by day for each child, but all pick-ups are within the range of 5:45-6:30 pm. Candidate must have good references and driving record.

Job title: Babysitter - posted 2/1/17 
Contact: Sony Patnaik – 914-525-4898
Job description: - I am looking for an undergrad student with good references and driving record who can drive my 14 year old daughter for swim training to New Rochelle High School at 265 Clove Road on Mon, Wed, Fri from Fieldston at 4.55pm and on Tuesday and Thursday to Manhattanville College in Purchase, White plains at 4.45pm. Most days it will just be just a 1 way drop off at the swimming pool. On occasional days it could be a pick up from these swim practices at 7.40pm and return back to our house in Fieldston. If you are interested you may contact me with some references from college faculty etc. so we can do a background check.

Job title: Babysitter - posted 1/20/17 
Contact: Leslie Trinidad- lesorl@yahoo.com
Job description: - I'm looking for a babysitter to pick up my 10 year old from school on the Upper West Side at 3:15p and bring her back to our house in Riverdale until I return home about 6:15p.  Must be sensitive and responsible.  E-mail if interested.

Job title: After-school Babysitter - posted 1/20/17 
Contact: Amy Heller- amyheller@gmail.com
Job description: - I’m looking for an after-school babysitter to watch my 6-year-old daughter Tuesday-Thursday from 3:45-6. Days and times are flexible. Job begins immediately.

Job title: Part-time Babysitter - posted 1/20/17 
Contact: Sara Bellis- sbellis127@gmail.com
Job description: - We are seeking a part-time babysitter for two children (3 and 9) every Tuesday evening from 4:30-7 at our home in Fieldston (extremely close to campus, easy walking distance). More afternoon/evening hours are available, but those are flexible and we could work with your schedule. Competitive pay.

Job title: Homework helper - posted 1/20/17 
Contact: Jen Donato – jendo1014@gmail.com
Job description: - I am looking for someone to help my child with homework 2 - 3 times a week for 1 1/2 hours.

Job title: Part-time Asistant - posted 1/12/17 
Contact: Victoria Abramov-914-830-2708-victoriaformd@gmail.com
Job description: - Assistant needed to an Expert Witness for a medical malpractice consulting firm. The business is operated from a home office located in Riverdale, N.Y. Pay rate is $20/hour, hours are flexible with a minimal 10 hrs./week, can be discussed with candidates for optimal fit. Paid training. Contact us for job responsibilities and candidate characteristics. Looking to hire immediately. Applicants may call or email if interested.

Job title: Part-time Babysitter - posted 1/4/17 
Contact: Michelle Nagy Gauss – 917-626-3064
Job description: PT babysitter/nanny needed 5 days a week after school for 10 year old.  Amount of days during the week are flexible - if you can only do 3 days that can be worked out. Hours are 2:15 - 6:30/7pm in Riverdale. Please contact asap if interested.

Job title: Part-time Babysitter - posted 1/3/17 
Contact: Alyssa Klapper – klapperster@gmail.com
Job description: Seeking energetic and fun part-time babysitter/homework helper in central Riverdale (246 St).  Hours and days flexible, ideally 3-7 M-Thurs, though fewer days are fine, with an occasional later evening.  Please email with references if interested.  

Job title: Part-time Babysitter - posted 12/16/16 
Contact: Shuwen Zhao – 646-821-7604
Job description: Our home is located in Scarsdale, Westchester County. We are looking for a student who can spend two hours a day, 4-5 days per week, to babysit our 2 years old daughter. The ideal candidate should be willing to have active interaction with the child in the form of storytelling, singing, dancing, painting, and playing games during the time. There will be no other duties (housework, cook, etc) beyond playing with the child. We would like to have a commitment to a mutually agreed schedule. The candidate will be compensated with market rate or better. 

Job title: Part-time Babysitter - posted 12/16/16 
Contact: Mary – marymendenhall@gmail.com 
Job description: We are looking to hire a responsible and fun part-time babysitter to help us with our two kids (8 year old boy and 4 year old girl) every afternoon as well as some additional hours along the way if possible.  The daily work schedule (Monday-Thursday) would be 2:30-6:30 pm. The position would begin in early January if at all possible, but the start date is flexible if needed. We need someone who can do the following throughout the year:   Pick up our daughter after her pre-school program finishes (just down the street from our home in Riverdale) around 2:45 pm, pick up our son two days a week (Monday, Wednesday) at 2:40 pm from his school in upper Manhattan (183rd Street) and drop him at tutoring (at 207th) and then return to Riverdale to pick up our daughter who will stay later in school those days until you arrive (we’ll pick up our son when he’s through with tutoring).   Please note: if this part of the job isn’t possible, we may be able to make other arrangements for our son so please apply if you can meet the other needs of playing with the kids, help with homework (occasionally), help prep dinner before parents arrive home, (If possible) Be available to babysit during school holidays (to be determined in advance) and/or if children stay home sick.  (Added bonus) Be a bilingual speaker of English and Spanish. Compensation is commensurate with experience and can be Compensation is commensurate with experience and can be negotiated. Please provide 2 references. Email if interested.

Job title: Babysitter - posted 12/02/16
Contact: Victoria – Vikis527@aol.com - 646-249-4750
Job description: I am looking for a part time babysitter for my 2 sons (5 and 7 years old).Reliable, patient, experienced person, who loves kids to pick them up from school and take them to the activities for a few hours every day, 4-5 days a week.

Job title: Babysitter - posted 12/02/16
Contact: Erica Greenblatt – takire@yahoo.com
Job description: Our family is interested in hiring a weekend evening babysitter for our two children. Gaby is 11 years old and Lucas is 9 years old. The position involves watching a movie with the kids until 8:00pm or till bedtime. Kids usually go to bed on their own and are fairly independent. The babysitter might need to help them transition (remind about bedtime routines) and tuck them in, but it's pretty low key. After bedtime, babysitter can “chill out” (our TV is available) until we arrive home. Pizza dinner will be provided. $15/hour. Minimum of 4 hours pay. Must love kids and plan to engage with them the few hours they are awake. Must not be allergic to dogs. We only need a babysitter one weekend evening a week. We are open to either Fridays or Saturdays or alternate them. If interested, please email.

Job title: Babysitter - posted 12/02/16
Contact: Michelle Singer – mes334@gmail.com
Job description: I am looking for a babysitter to help me with my 4 year old son and twin 6 month old babies. I usually need help after 12pm to either watch the twins while I run some errands or pick up my son from school at 3 p.m. and bring him to swimming class or to the park/library. We live in Riverdale. Please contact me if you are available for any week days. Will need references.

Job title: Part-time Babysitter - posted 12/02/16
Contact: Jen Donato - jendo1014@gmail.com
Job description: I am looking for someone to help my child with homework 2 - 3 times a week for 1 1/2 hours.

Job title: Tutor - posted 11/22/16
Contact:  Janet – 917-328-2573 
Job description: I am looking for a college student to help my 9th grade son in Algebra 1.   We live in Riverdale, within walking distance from the campus. However, I am willing to provide transportation. Please call if interested