Career Fairs

We offer several different career fairs throughout the year.

career fairThere are career fairs/expos throughout the year that bring to campus employers looking for enthusiastic and engaging students from ALL majors. Be sure to review the firms ahead of time on Handshake, bring your best questions to ask employers, and dress professionally.

All Manhattan College students and alumni are encouraged to attend! 

Spring 2023

Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

Meet face-to-face with employers from a variety of industries hiring for internship and full-time postgraduate opportunities.

This event is open to all Manhattan College students. Professional Dress Required. Students should schedule appointments with their career counselors in the Center for Career Development in order to prepare for the fair. Email to schedule. 




Video: Preparing for the Career Fair

Through this guided presentation you will learn about the different fairs we host, how to best prepare for the events, and how to follow-up after. -View Transcript-

How to Make the Most of Career Fairs:

  • Prepare Before

    Attend Workshops and Panels

    • We offer several workshops and panels to help prepare you not only for the career fairs but also your professional development & etiquette. See workshop schedule

    Review Your Resume


    Research the Companies Attending

    • Review the list of who's attending and make note of the companies that interest you. 
    • Categorize employers who interest you and those you “must visit”.
    • Watch the "Researching the Company" Video on Vault.
    • Visit to research company reviews, interview questions, and salary information.
    • Go on LinkedIn for recent updates, employee profiles, job/internship opportunities.
    • Visit the company’s homepage and research the following:
      • Mission
      • History
      • Products/Services
      • Company Culture
      • Current opportunities

    Create Your Personal Pitch

    Developing a pitch is great starting point for beginning a conversation with employers at job fairs. It should be about 30 seconds in length and should highlight who you are, and what you have accomplished in your career. We recommend you make your pitch conversational and informal but at the same time strong enough to get across your major points. Here are 3 examples:

    “Good Afternoon, my name is Alex Thomas. I’m a senior graduating this May with a B.A. in industrial psychology. I have had several internships that helped to refine my human relations & trouble shooting skills.I am also involved in the Lasallian Outreach Volunteer Experience (L.O.V.E.) program which provided me the opportunity to help underserved communities in various ways. I am looking to work in an environment that will allow me the flexibility & creativity to complete assignments effectively and efficiently which I feel your organization provides by reading your employees’ testimonials.”

    “Hi, my name is Pat Jones. It’s nice to meet you. I’m a Sophomore Electrical Engineering major. My background includes coursework in electrical circuits and digital system design and I’m familiar with the MATLAB and PSpice programs. I am looking for an electrical engineering internship for this coming summer. I know that your company has recently expanded their product line to include wireless communication devices and I am really interested in this area. I saw your posting on JasperLink and I feel that I would be a strong candidate for your internship program.”

     “Hi, my name is Taylor Browne and I am a Junior in the School of Business majoring in accounting. I am seeking an internship this summer at your company. For the past 3 years, I have served as a tax preparer through Volunteer Income Tax Association (V.I.T.A.) and the Accounting Society for the past 3 years. I am hardworking and very curious to learn new things. Last semester, I was on student council and two years ago I had a mentor who was an accountant who first got me interested in the industry. I researched that your company is currently one of the industry leaders and has developed a new accounting software. I’d love to learn more.”

  • Tips for Working the Career Fair

    Maximizing Your Experience

    • Bring your student ID to expedite registration
    • You will need multiple copies of your resume
    • Pick up a copy of the floor plan and review it to familiarize yourself with the layout of the events.
    • Wear your name tag and don’t forget to include your school and major.
    • SuitUp! Wear professional interview attire; which includes a business suit, collared shirt and tie (men) and dress or blouse and skirt/pants (ladies).
    • Take your professional headshot at the LinkedIn photo booth.
    • Get contact information from recruiters and alumni that you would like to follow up with after the Day. Remember, they will pay attention to the students who thank them and demonstrate interest after the event.
    • If there is a line, pick up brochures and network with other companies. You can always return later.

    How to Meet Employers

    • Your goal is to demonstrate your interest in the company and share your educational background as well as personal skills and strengths which would make them interested in hiring you.
    • State your personal pitch with a warm, confident & clear voice 
    • Keep your body language open and welcoming.
    • Demonstrate that you’ve researched the company by including elements of their mission statement, history and/or company culture.
    • Shake hands, make eye-contact and smile with employers.
    • Ask ice breaker questions.
    • Get recruiter’s contact information to follow up and send a thank you.
  • After the Event
    • Send thank you emails or letters after the career fair in a timely fashion.
    • Don’t send a standard thank you to everyone.  Include your interest in each particular firm and remind them of details you discussed in the conversation.
    • Review sample thank-you letters and emails and watch “Job Interview: Follow-Up” on Vault.