Third Year Career Planning Checklist

Third Year Essentials:

  1. Update, review and discuss individual career plans, graduate school options, and fellowships with your counselor.

  2. Attend employer information sessions; apply to on-campus recruiting opportunities.

  3. Log onto Handshake, update your information, and regularly search for job/internship opportunities.

  4. Attend on-campus career fairs to network and learn about potential opportunities and distribute your resume.

Additional Engagement Opportunities:

  • Participate in the Mentor Program (if you have not yet done so).

  • Optimize your interviewing skills through Interviewstream or with your counselor.

  • Gain career-related experience through an internship, research, and/or volunteer opportunities.

  • Join professional associations and special interest groups both on campus and LinkedIn.

  • Speak with faculty and academic advisors about career interests and graduate school.