Staff Contacts

  1. Jason Caban

    Jason Caban

    Associate Director of Enterprise ApplicationsInformation Technology Services718-862-7435RLC 101E
  2. Kevin Clancy

    Kevin Clancy

    Deputy CIOInformation Technology Services718-862-7489RLC 101
  3. Ananda Das

    Ananda Das

    Senior Web DeveloperInformation Technology Services718-862-7978RLC 108
  4. Cynthia Duggan

    Cynthia Duggan

    Director of Web ApplicationsInformation Technology Services718-862-7413RLC 106
  5. Yony Fernandez

    Yony Fernandez

    JrWebProg/IT Dept.Information Technology Services718-862-7767RLC 110
  6. Ryan Fiore

    Ryan Fiore

    IT Supp.Spec.Oper./IT Dept.Information Technology Services718-862-7408RLC 103A
  7. Stacey Frye

    Stacey Frye

    NetworkEngineer/IT Dept.Information Technology Services718-862-7499RLC 101
  8. Michael Fulton

    Michael Fulton

    Web Application Prog.Information Technology Services718-862-7436MEM 100
  9. Jake D Holmquist

    Jake D Holmquist

    Chief Information Officer (CIO)Information Technology Services718-862-7449DLS 311
  10. Maheer Khan

    Maheer Khan

    System Administrator Information Technology Services718-862-7766RLC 103A
  11. Melvin Lasky

    Melvin Lasky

    Senior Assistant Director of IT InfrastructureInformation Technology Services718-862-7410DLS 311
  12. John McCabe

    John McCabe

    SrSecurityMgr/IT DeptInformation Technology Services718-862-7926RLC 101D
  13. Anita McCarthy

    Anita McCarthy

    ITS Training CoordinatorInformation Technology Services718-862-7407OMAL 306
  14. Theresa McDonough

    Theresa McDonough

    Office ManagerInformation Technology Services718-862-7424RLC 101
  15. Eileen McIntyre

    Eileen McIntyre

    HelpdeskMgr/IT Dept.Information Technology Services718-862-7115JAS BSMT
  16. Magdalen Michalczyk

    Magdalen Michalczyk

    System Admin./ IT Dept.Information Technology Services718-862-7145RLC 101
  17. Katherine Montane-Frucco

    Katherine Montane-Frucco

    Senior Program AnalystInformation Technology Services718-862-7871RLC 101
  18. Robert Moran

    Robert Moran

    Director of Enterprise ArchitectureInformation Technology Services718-862-7111RLC 101
  19. Kelvin Moreaux

    Kelvin Moreaux

    Senior Program AnalystInformation Technology Services718-862-7894RLC 101B
  20. Richard Musal

    Richard Musal

    Director of Client Services & Operations, ITSInformation Technology Services718-862-7933DLS 311
  21. Gregory Quaglieni

    Gregory Quaglieni

    IT Support Specialist/IT Dept.Information Technology Services718-862-7706RLC 101
  22. Michael Reinhart

    Michael Reinhart

    Senior Assistant DirectorInformation Technology Services718-862-7491RLC 101F
  23. Luis Salazar

    Luis Salazar

    System Network Admin.Information Technology Services