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ITS hires students for a variety of positions across campus. Some positions require technical expertise but others don't have any specific prerequisite knowledge requirements. 

STARS Program

A Student Technology And Resource Specialist (STAR) is a Manhattan College student who works for ITS to provide technology assistance as needed across campus. Students who work as STARS are dispatched to offices and classrooms to troubleshoot and fix problems with computers, printers, classroom technology, etc. STARS may also assist ITS staff with tasks related to training, operations and networking.

The ideal candidate has:

  • a combination of excellent interpersonal communication skills and technology knowledge
  • compassion and empathy when working with members of the community who are having technical difficulties
  • interest in technology

STARS positions are available in the following ITS offices:

  • Client Services: Troubleshoot technology issues.
  • Instructional Technology: Train clients on the use of technology through documents, videos, and workshops.
  • Operations: Develop, deploy, and maintain technology on campus.
  • Networking: Ensure reliable network connectivity on campus.

We offer training in technology and flexible hours available including week days, nights and weekends. You can work around your class schedule. We also offer promotion opportunities and ways you can get involved to have a bigger role. See information below.

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Web & Collaboration 

Love to Code? ITS hires students to work with the Web and Collaboration team to develop and maintain web services and applications. We typically employ students who have done internships with us as part of Manhattan College's Summer Internship program.