Jaspernet Services


All Manhattan College employees and students are provided with a campus email address in the manhattan.edu domain. If you need help setting up your email account, contact the Information Technology Services office at 718-862-7973 or see Setup/Manage Gmail on the ITS Client Services FAQ. Manhattan College partners with Google to provide email and related collaboration services. For information on configuring email clients for use with JasperNet email services, please see mail.google.com/support.

Google Apps

In addition to email, all Manhattan College students and employees have access to a suite of Google Apps including Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Calendar and Google Docs. There is unlimited storage for all Google Apps. Students who graduate retain lifetime account access including unlimited storage.  


Moodle is Manhattan College's course management and collaboration system. All faculty, undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students automatically have Moodle accounts.


Self-Service is a web-enabled way to access institutional records. Self-Service enables students, faculty, and employees to access different modules of information via a web browser. Once authenticated, a menu of available topics will be displayed.


Jaspernet WiFi is available across campus. For information on coverage availability in specific buildings, see the WiFi Coverage Maps.