Vehicles & Campus Drivers

If you are an employee who will be receiving a Manhattan College vehicle, please be aware of and abide by the following procedures and policies.

Procedures to Obtain a Vehicle:

  • Submit a copy of your driver’s license and vehicle registration to the Business Services Office.
  • Contact your supervisor for vehicle details (e.g. keys, parking location).


  • You are responsible for any tickets that you receive while using your College vehicle. Please take care of them immediately as unpaid tickets have a direct effect on the entire campus fleet of cars. Unpaid tickets prevent your colleagues from disputing a ticket that they may have received with the court.
  • Be aware of the mileage on your vehicle and make sure you do not exceed the amount covered on the lease. Contact for information about the available mileage on your vehicle's lease.
  • Twice a year you will be sent a car maintenance report. It is your responsibility to fill this out and re-submit it, in a timely manner.
  • You are also responsible for getting your vehicle serviced and for taking it for any maintenance or recalls that it requires. You can then submit the original invoice of the work done to your supervisor for reimbursement.
  • Remember to exercise caution and drive safely while using the College vehicle.
  • If you are in an accident while driving your College vehicle, you must submit the accident report form to Anne Marie Colon in Memorial Hall, 3rd Floor (VP office).

Register a Campus Driver: 

DMV Release Form

Manhattan College requires all staff and students who are or may be assigned a campus owned, leased or rented vehicle to register with the Business Office prior to driving a vehicle.

Only authorized and registered employees/students are permitted to drive an Manhattan College vehicle or rented vehicle.

Register with Manhattan College's Insurance Policy:

1. The department head/supervisor must notify Business Services of the new driver they want to add.

  • Send an email including the name, title, employee or student, as well as department budget org to and

2. The driver will be directed to come to the Business Services Office (DLS 105) with their driver’s license.

  • All student drivers MUST complete a defensive driving course, at their own expense, and bring their completion certificate to our office. Department may reimburse the student for this expense at their discretion. We suggest using the following link to complete the course:

3. Submit the completed DMV Release Form to DLS 105.

4. The driver’s license, along with the DMV Release Form, will be submitted to the DMV information retrieval online system which will provide driving records and status (active, suspended, revoked), for review. The cost of retrieving the driving record is currently $34.95 (subject to change), and will be charged to the department who is requesting the driver to be added.

5. The Business Office will provide the department head/supervisor with this information for his/her review and decision of approval or denial of driving eligibility. Upon decision, the department head/supervisor will provide an email confirmation/denial to the Business Office. Drivers with a suspended or revoked license may not be assigned to drive a Manhattan College vehicle at any time.

6. Upon written approval, the driver will be added to our campus authorized driver list and insurance policy.

  • Only New York State License drivers will be added to the LENS program. The cost of adding a driver to the LENS program is $7, which will be charged to the department who is requesting the driver to be added.
  • The New York State LENS program sends immediate alerts to Business Services whenever a driver has had an incident against their license (ex: driving over the speed limit). Each alert is $1 and will be charged to the department who added the driver.