Banner and Unimarket Account Request Procedure

Step 1: Department Administrator/Dean/Director etc. emails: VP of their division, Elena Mastrangelo and Catherine DeLoughry confirming the request for access to Banner and Unimarket for staff/admin to purchase and/or approve orders. Includes name, title and ORGS and if applicable the name of person who’s role they are replacing. This step is mandatory and prior to the following process. 

Step 2: the new Employee logs into & clicks on the Tab labeled Banner.  Once there, click on Banner Self-Service (SSB) using their MC email address credentials, clicks on the Personal Information Tab.

Step 3: New Employee clicks on the “Request a New Banner Account” located at the bottom.

Step 4: New Employee fills out information username is First name_ Last name ex: JOHN_SMITH (this opens a new ticket) – ex: If they are replacing someone and need all of their same authorizations then include that person’s name. Check the box under Special Access Requirements indicating Unimarket access. This is essential for ITS to associate your account with Finance/Purchasing.  

Step 5: To apply for Unimarket. (Complete Unimarket Account Application form electronically (located on the Manhattan College website under Business Services/Purchasing). Complete and submit form to Elena Mastrangelo. Include all information and Fund/Orgs used for purchasing/approvals by department on the form. 

Step 6: ITS Employee will take ownership of the ticket and add Elena Mastrangelo and Catherine Deloughry (Controller’s Office) to the ticket.

Step 7: ITS Employee will notify Elena, Catherine and new employee (through ticketing) that the new Banner account has been created.

Step 8: Elena and Catherine do their part of the work (create Unimarket Account, Setup Fund/Org in Banner for new user.)  Elena & Catherine update the ticket (by responding to the ticket email) letting ITS know their part is complete.

Step 9: ITS closes the ticket. 

Step 10: New user is notified of completion and if required, arranges for purchasing training with Associate Director of Purchasing.

Unimarket New User Application Form