Policies & Resources

See below for information about Jasper Central policies, procedures and resources.
  • Non-Payment Penalties

    Tuition and fees are due before the start of each term, by the established payment due date. Indebtedness to the College may automatically terminate current enrollment and indefinitely suspend future enrollment. The College reserves the right to request prepayment before allowing registration for future terms. If your account becomes past due, a hold will be placed on your account preventing future registration, barring various services, and receiving a paper or digital copy of your diploma upon graduation and participating in commencement until all account balances have been paid.

    Late Fees

    Students can avoid late payment charges by paying their tuition and fees by the published deadline. A late penalty of 1% of the outstanding balance of any student account will be assessed each month until the account is settled. Accounts not paid in full may be referred to a collection agency, which may result in additional collection and/or legal charges.

    Account Restrictions

    If your account becomes past due, a hold will be placed on your account preventing future registration and receiving a paper or digital copy of your diploma upon graduation. Ultimately, upon separation from Manhattan College, any unpaid balance will be referred to a third party for collection efforts.

    Returned Checks

    If a check or e-check payment posted to the student account is returned by the bank because of insufficient funds or a closed account, a returned check fee will be charged to the student account. Upon notification of the returned item, payment for the amount of the returned check and the fee must be paid immediately by cash, credit card, certified bank check or money order. After receiving a returned check, ACH payments (electronic check or savings account payments) and personal checks will no longer be accepted as a payment option.

  • Tuition Liability Policies

    Students who wish to withdraw from the College must complete the required Manhattan College Withdrawal Form (obtained from their Dean's office). The date used for refund/liability purposes will be the date that the form was completed, not the last date of attendance. An adjustment to tuition may occur when a student withdraws from school or is withdrawn by the College, depending on the date of the withdrawal (please see the liability chart below).

    A Return to Title IV aid calculation must be conducted for students who withdraw or take a leave of absence and receive federal aid and/or loans. This may cause a reduction in federal financial aid and/or loans, resulting in a balance due. 

    Tuition Liability

    Refund of tuition charges and program fee only will be made in accordance with the following schedule. There is no adjustment for mandatory fees after classes begin.

    Liability Policy for Standard Terms:

    After Week 5 there is no refund, and 100% liability of tuition and fees.

    Semester Week Refund

    During the 1st week of classes


    During the 2nd week of classes


    During the 3rd week of classes


    During the 4th week of classes


    During the 5th week of classes


    Liability Policy for Parts of Term (Including SCPS & IELP programs):

    After Week 3 there is no refund, and 100% liability of tuition and fees.


    During the 1st week of classes


    During the 2nd week of classes


    During the 3rd week of classes


    Room and Board Liability

    Charges will be prorated per calendar week up to 5 weeks, as authorized by Residence Life.

  • Tuition Insurance Plan

    Manhattan College has partnered with GradGuard to offer  an optional insurance plan, Tuition Protection Plan by Allianz Global Assistance, which helps protect you in cases of accident or illness. Your participation in Tuition Protection Plan is completely voluntary; it represents a contract between you and the Allianz Global Assistance. Manhattan College does not benefit from your participation.  

    Enrollment Instructions

    Should you decide to participate in the Tuition Protection Plan, you can learn more and obtain a quote by calling 877-794-6603 or go to www.GradGuard.com/Tuition/Manhattan. 

    Sign-up is required prior to the first day of classes. For the 2024-25 year, Monday, August 26, 2024 is the first day of classes in the fall and Tuesday, January 14, 2025 is the first day of classes in the spring.

    What the Plan Covers

    The coverage complements our refund policy-providing reimbursement for eligible tuition payments, room and board fees and other nonrefundable expenses if you withdraw for a covered illness or injury at any time during the plan period.

  • Credit Balance Refunds

    Refunds due from credit balances cannot be processed until the completion of the add/drop period each semester.  Credit balances exist when there is an overpayment and/or all aid items are paid onto the student account.  The turnaround timeframe for refund availability is approximately 10-12 business days. Refunds are deposited into the student's eRefund account through the Student Account Suite, or if not enrolled in eRefund, mailed to the student’s permanent home address on file.  Credit balances that are created by Title IV funds and are refunded via check must be cashed within 210 days. Uncashed refund checks after the 210 day window will be voided and the resulting credit balance will be returned to the source of the credit.  

    Refund Review Process

    Credit balances resulting from outside scholarships, federal financial aid, and private loans are subject to regulated review and approval by Jasper Central administrators. Institutional and TAP awards are not refundable.  Direct payments made to the college by the student and/or family are first refunded, then private loans and outside scholarships, then Title IV aid.  

    The student is the legal responsible party for their tuition account. Therefore, refund checks are made payable to the student. In some limited instances, refunds of credit balances on student accounts will be issued to a separate party; this occurs when:

    • PLUS Loan credit balances are refunded to the parent who borrowed the funds.
    • Outside scholarships returned to granting agency (in cases where we are unable to apply the funds as designated by the granting agency).
    • Credit balances are due to a payment from a third party where the payment was unable to be applied in accordance with the third party’s instructions.
  • Title IV Book Vouchers

    Federal regulations allow the College to offer you a bookstore voucher from your anticipated student refund credit balance (from which you would normally receive a refund) for the amount indicated below. Vouchers are only issued to students whose Title IV Federal Aid exceeds the cost of tuition and fees for the semester.  Institutional aid, private loans, state grant and other non-federal aid sources are not included in the calculation for eligibility.  The book voucher can be used at the Follett Bookstore located in the Kelly Commons Building and can be used to purchase course-related books and course-related supplies only.

    Book vouchers are an advance of an anticipated credit balance and they should not be interpreted as free or additional funds awarded to the student. Students who are eligible for book vouchers will receive an email each semester to alert them of the voucher available ten days prior to the start of the term.

    Please note that if you are selected for FAFSA Verification, if changes are made to your Financial Aid Package or if your enrollment changes, your Financial Aid awards may be affected, thus affecting your book voucher eligibility.  In this case, you will be responsible for your bookstore purchase and your student account will be charged accordingly.  

    Federal Aid eligible students have the right to opt out of the voucher each term. Students will be sent an email that will direct them to complete the opt-out process by an established deadline that will be published on the notification.  After reconciliation of the book vouchers with the College Bookstore, the students’ account will be charged for the amount of books and supplies purchased and any remaining amount not used will be refunded to the student or borrower. 

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