Student Account Onboarding

The Student Account Suite & Managing Your Account

The Manhattan College (MC) tuition account is accessible to Students and third-party users (granted access as Authorized Users) through the Student Account Suite - a comprehensive portal that provides students and tuition payers the convenience of 24/7 online access to manage and pay their accounts online using multiple payment channels. Student Account Suite access is required to view online eBill tuition statements, current account balance and detailed transactions including estimated financial aid, along with menu options to view recent account activity.

Students use their JasperNet username and password credentials to access the Student Account Suite and grant Authorized User access to person(s) who will receive their own username and password for Suite access. Students and Authorized users can also view important ‘Announcements’ and account balances (including On-Demand Statements you can view/print) on the Suite landing page.

Logging in for Students & Authorized Users 

Access the Student Account Suite

Students have an additional access point under their Self-Service portal, under ‘Student’, then ‘Student Account’.

Required Tuition Account Onboarding Steps for new Fall students

(Complete by June 14, 2024)

  • Designate an Authorized User(s) for Student Account Suite access
    (One-time step; Revise any time)

    How: After logging in to the Student Account Suite, or link here, the student will access the ‘My Profile Setup’ menu option “Authorized Users” to grant access and provide the preferred email address(es) for each User.

    Authorized User access is required for a parent/guardian to enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan each semester.

    Due to federal student privacy regulations, should a parent, guardian or other person(s) wish to discuss the student account, the student is required to designate Authorized User access. When a student grants access, the Authorized User(s) will immediately receive two emails from our system; the first email alerts them to access being granted and provides their username (their email address) and the link to access the website. The second email is their temporary password. Upon first logging in, they will be asked to enter their first and last name and create their unique password.

  • Accept the Tuition and Liability Agreement
    (Annual step)

    How: Upon accessing the Student Account Suite, the student will be met with a pop-up consent and agreement statement to accept by clicking “I agree”.

    Manhattan College is required to annually collect this student consent listing the terms of agreement associated with enrollment at MC. By registering for any course(s), or by receiving any educational service(s) from MC, the student accepts full responsibility to pay all debts, charges, fees, and other associated costs assessed as a result of the registration and/or receipt of service. Registration and acceptance of these terms constitutes a promise to pay agreement between the student and MC.

  • Consent to receive the 1098-T paperless option for tax benefits
    (One-time step)

    How: Upon accessing the Student Account Suite, the student will be met with a pop-up consent and agreement statement to accept by clicking “I agree”.

    IRS Form 1098-T is entitled “Tuition Statement” and contains information to assist you and the IRS in determining if the taxpayer is eligibility for a tax benefit from the American Opportunity Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, or a tuition and fees deduction. This dedicated webpage provides an introduction and resource links as Manhattan College is prohibited from providing tax advice.

    Manhattan College electronically delivers the 1098-T Tax statement to students and Authorized Users via the Student Account Suite. Eliminate potential postal mail delays and consent to electronic access of your 1098-T Tax Form. If you choose not to enroll, a paper copy of the form will be mailed to your permanent mailing address on record by the end of January each calendar year.

  • Review Option to purchase the Tuition Insurance Plan
    (Each Semester; Optional)

    How: Two ways the option will be presented. On the dedicated webpage ‘Tuition Insurance Plan’, click on the link to be routed to GradGuard’s enrollment page; select ‘Manhattan College’. Or, upon accessing the Student Account Suite each term through the first week of classes, the landing page will present the student and Authorized User an option for “Tuition Protection Purchase” to reply with ‘No Thanks’ or ‘Purchase Now’.

    Additionally, a pop-up consent and agreement reminder statement will present the tuition insurance plan as an option; the student will click “I acknowledge”.

    Manhattan College has partnered with GradGuard to offer an optional insurance plan, Tuition Protection Plan by Allianz Global Assistance, which helps protect you in cases of accident or illness. Your participation in Tuition Protection Plan is completely voluntary; it represents a contract between you and the Allianz Global Assistance. Manhattan College does not benefit from your participation. Your payment will be made directly to GradGuard and is not part of your tuition bill payment.

    Enrollment Instructions

    Should you decide to participate in the Tuition Protection Plan, you can learn more about what the plan covers and obtain a quote by calling 877-794-6603 or go to Sign-up is required prior to the first day of classes for each semester, or you can enroll for both Fall and Spring terms at once.

  • Enter Bank Account for eRefund Enrollment
    (One-time; Revise any time)

    How: After logging in to the Student Account Suite, or link here, the student will access the ‘My Profile Setup’ menu option “Electronic Refunds” to enter.

    If you expect to receive a refund due to financial aid proceeds (with the exception of excess Federal Parent PLUS loans authorized to be issued to the parent only) covering indirect costs not billed on your tuition statement (books, supplies, miscellaneous, etc.), or you a credit balance on your student account due to an overpayment, funds are able to be deposited directly into your personal, checking or savings bank account by securely entering the bank account information (account number and ABA/routing number) on the Student Account Suite. The banking service is the same secure service that processes the college’s online tuition payments and monthly payment plan installment payments.

  • Waive or Enroll in the Student Health Insurance
     (Annual; mandatory)

    Starts June 17 and deadline is August 1: The Fall term process becomes available starting on or before June 17th. New students entering in the Fall term will access the portal starting June 17 with a deadline of August 1.

    How: On the dedicated webpage, click on “Enroll/Waive Coverage” to enter the sponsored online portal. As a first-time user of this insurance portal, on the Login landing page, under 'Getting Started?' students will 'Create a New Account' using their Manhattan College email address Also, upon accessing the Student Account Suite, the student will be met with a pop-up consent and agreement reminder statement to accept by clicking “I acknowledge”.

    In order to stay in compliance with the federal Affordable Care Act, all incoming and returning full-time undergraduate students, degree-seeking international students, resident students, and Division 1 athletic participants are under a mandate to provide proof of adequate health insurance coverage or be enrolled in the college plan. Students under the mandate are set to be automatically enrolled in the Manhattan College Student Health Insurance Plan (MC-SHIP) each academic year unless an approved waiver is issued by the plan administrator by the deadline date of August 1.

    This dedicated webpage provides an introduction and resource information about the comparable coverage requirements, details about the MC-SHIP plan, and a reminder that if you do not waive out of the MC-SHIP by the deadline, students under the mandate criteria will be automatically enrolled, automatically issued an Insurance ID Card, and be fully liable for the charge for the plan that will remain on the student tuition bill.